025 - The Murder of Terri 'Missy' Bevers

[Case Evidence]

                Terri “Missy” Bevers was born on August 9th, 1970 to parents James C Bevers and Norma L Strickland in Graham, Texas.  Graham is a small city in North Central Texas and is the county seat of Young County.  She was a middle child, having an older brother, Clifford, and a younger named Clint.  Though born in Graham, she was raised in Jacksboro, Texas, a town even smaller than Graham.  She was described as a friendly young woman, who had no problem making friends, and in fact, she drew people to her with her fun loving personality and captivating charisma.  She is described as a selfless woman, wanting to help others and her obituary states “She never met a stranger and was willing to give everything she had to others.” 

                In 1988, she graduated from Jacksboro High School and attended several different colleges before finally finding her place at Tarleton State University where she pursued a Bachelor’s of Science, which she received in 1995.  Missy toiled for a while after receiving her degree, unsure of her place in the world and the career she wished to pursue.  She worked retails jobs for several years, and it was during this period that she met and fell in love with Brandon Bevers, who she would marry on June 20th, 1998.  Her marriage to Brandon seemed to compliment her life, and gave her a renewed vigor for something more.  She returned to school and received a teaching certificate in Special Education.  She had always wanted to reach out and offer a hand to those who could use it, and her passion for the lives of others made her drive to help even more powerful.

                Missy taught for several years, and reveled in her job.  She loved feeling as though she was giving something back, and her students were like her children.  On March 11th, 2001, she gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Hannah, and it was at this time she left her teaching position to raise her child.  Though she loved her job, Missy felt it was more important that she be there to raise Hannah, and she considered it a likelihood that at some point in the future she would go back to teaching, but for now her place was at home.  On March 7th, 2003, Missy gave birth to a second daughter, Allie.  Again, Missy felt her place was at home with the children.  Then on November 6th 2007, Missy gave birth to a third daughter who would be named Sarah. 

                Missy was defined by friends and family as someone with a zest for life, a passion for God and a dream of giving back to those she cared for, and those who had less than she.  She was a big believer in self motivation and that everything was possible if you really put your heart into it.  According to her obituary “She believed all things were possible if only you could dream big and believe in yourself with God’s help.  Missy lived out her life with great passion for family, friends, love and laughter.  She loved the ocean and the beach and could light up a room with her smile.”  Later in her life, Missy developed a strong passion for personal fitness and decided that she wanted to share it with the world, as another method by which to help others achieve more and find confidence in themselves.  She became a fitness trainer for Camp Gladiator, a national fitness movement that, at the time, was training in churches, parking lots and football fields all around North Texas.  Camp Gladiator defines itself as a fitness program designed to “Positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of as many people as possible.”

                By 2016, Missy was forty-five years old and living with her husband and three daughters in Red Oak, a large town south of Dallas and part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  In conjunction with her work as a fitness trainer, Missy developed a large presence on Social Media networks.  As part of her fitness program, Missy began hosting early morning classes at Creekside Church of Christ in Midlothian, Texas.  The classes began at 5am, and Missy typically arrived thirty to forty-five minutes early in order to prep for the class.  On the night of April 17th, 2016, Missy read a weather report that called for rain the next day.  Despite the weather, Missy was determined to host has class as always and went online, posting “If it’s raining we’re still training.”  This was posted to Facebook, where Missy had hundreds of friends, but typically left her posts public for all to see.  She later posted that she was going to bed since she had to be up at 3:30am.

                At approximately 5:06 am on April 18th, 2016, the first of two 911 calls came in.  The call described Missy Bevers, having been found inside the church, unresponsive an obviously a victim of an attack.  When EMT’s arrived on the scene, they found broken glass and other signs which indicated that someone had broken into the church that morning.  The EMT’s found Missy deceased upon their arrival and later examination would show that Missy had been murdered and had suffered multiple puncture wounds to her head and chest.  They also saw signs on Missy’s body that she had obviously fought and struggled with her attacker.  Police arrived on the scene moments later and found evidence of forced entry into the church, spoke with the EMT’s and immediately began conducting a homicide investigation.  According to investigators, the perpetrator had used a pry bar to smash out a window in a side door to the church.  Police were tight lipped about whether or not the murder weapon was recovered from the scene.  Strangely, when asked whether or not they had found the weapon, a police spokesman responded “It’s a vital piece of information that we want to protect until we have an opportunity to confront the killer with it.”

                At first, Police believed they were dealing with a theft gone wrong.  Their initial theory was that someone had broken into the church with the intent of stealing and had stumbled across Missy in the process of the robbery and murdered her as a result of this.  Initially, they did not believe homicide was the intent of the perpetrator, but things would quickly change.  The church itself had a system of surveillance cameras, and very quickly Police began reviewing the footage.  The images that they found were not only shocking but would lead to a great deal of speculation.  Using the footage, they were able to map out a timeline of events that took place the morning Missy Bevers was murdered.

                According to the official timeline:

                At 3:50am, on April 18th, an unknown assailant was captured on surveillance footage breaking into the church.  This suspect was dressed in complete mock police SWAT team officers gear. Black boots, black pants, a black riot-style helmet, black gloves, a black top and a black vest which said “POLICE” on the back.  This person was wearing tactical gear and carrying a hammer or mallet with which he or she had broken a window in order to gain entrance to the building.  The gear that the suspect wore made it impossible for authorities to determine a gender, and the only real clue that could possibly lead to identification was the way in which the perpetrator moved, described as a walking style which seems to indicate some kind of injury to the right leg or foot.  The suspect, throughout the video, seems to lean against or push against walls in an attempt to maintain balance or relieve pressure from the injury.  Further analysis suggested that the suspect stood between 5’2” and 5’7” tall.

                The suspect walks down a dimly lit hallway, dragging his or her right hand along the wall.    In another shot, the suspect is seen opening a door and stepping out of frame.  At the point in which the suspect opens the door, there is a clear shot of some kind of blunt weapon in the right hand.  A few moments later, the suspect approaches a locked door.  At this point, the individual produces some tools from within the tactical gear and attempts to force the door open, but is unsuccessful.  The suspect opens another door, steps into the door frame, but then turns and continues back down the hallway. 

                At this point, the suspect begins walking back toward the camera and swings the hammer at a few more windows along the way.  Strangely, while the suspect will open unlocked doors, and attempt to unlock doors which are sealed, he or she never enters the rooms.  Just whips the doors open, takes a look, and then continues on down the hallway.  The suspect wanders aimlessly at times, and at no point displays any sense of confusion about location, or nervousness about being caught or interrupted.  This has led many to believe that the suspect may have been familiar with this environment, possibly having been there before or having studied it in the past.  Another odd detail of the video is that when the assailant breaks windows, he or she doesn’t swing with a large force or violent, but rather unenthusiastically thrusts the hammer.

                For the next thirty minutes, the suspect wanders very casually around the church, entering the frame of surveillance cameras here and there and continuing on his or her way, seeming mostly disinsterested in the environment. 

                At 4:20am, Missy Bevers arrived at the church to begin setup for her class.  The suspect is seen on camera just minutes before her arrival, though would disappear off camera in the moments before Missy herself stepped inside.  Whether or not footage exists which shows the confrontation between Missy and the suspect hasn’t been made clear, though Police fairly rapidly released several clips to the public which show the suspect, in hopes that someone may be able to identify the individual.  There was footage which showed a vehicle in the area, a light colored Nissan Altima, with a distinctive sticker or emblem on the back bumper, though they were unable to make it out clearly.  A still frame of the vehicle was released.  The driver of this vehicle has never been located and has not come forward to talk with Police.

                Initially, police released a statement about the suspect, referring to the perpetrator as “him” throughout, but they later retracted that specification of gender, explaining that the more they look at it, the less sure they are that they are dealing with a male.  In their statement, police said “We are backing off our statement that the suspect on video was a man.  I know we said ‘he’ over and over again yesterday, and that was a mistake.  There’s a lot of speculation based on the gait and appearance that this person may be a woman.  It’s a legitimate question now.  We no longer say the suspect is a man.  That does not mean I am saying this suspect is a woman.  It’s just at this point we can’t rule it out.  We don’t know yet.”

                Police were questioning gender due to several factors, predominantly due to the fact that the gear conceals the body so strongly, but also do to the suspects movement.  Midlothian Police would state that in “certain portions of the footage the suspect appears to have what has been described as a feminine sway or walk.  The footage also indicates that the suspect has a distinct walk that is indicative of some type of injury which affects the right leg or foot.”  Whether or not the suspect suffered from a foot injury is unknown, though others have gone on to speculate that the movements may seem to suggest an injury because the suspect may have been wearing boots that were either too larger, in hopes of throwing off clues to his or her identity, or boots which may have been too small. 

                Rather quickly after watching the footage, police ruled out the possibility of theft as a motive.  A later inspection of the property found, as police had theorized, no items were missing and there were no indications that any kind of theft had been conducted.  Investigators began to theorize that the suspect broke into the church, not with the intent to rob, but specifically to be there waiting for Missy and that murder was the ultimate motive.  During their investigation, authorities went just a few miles down the road to SWFA Outdoors, a sporting goods store.  Surveillance footage for the store showed a vehicle similar to the Nissan which they had previously released a photo of.  In the footage, the Nissan drives slowly through the parking lot.  At one point it stops, the lights turn off and the vehicle sits for several moments before the lights come back on and the vehicle exits the parking lot.  This footage was shot just a few hours prior to the murder, and though instigators believe that it could be linked to the murder, they have no evidence to say so officially.  Police are eager to speak with the driver in hopes that he or she may have seen something that morning which could help them identify the killer.

                Baffled by the crime, and the method by which it was conducted.  They called in assistance from the FBI as well as the Texas Rangers.  There was a special dog brought in from the ATF in order to sweep through the church searching for evidence of gunshot residue.  Brandon arrived at Police headquarters two days after the crime, having had to come back into town.  He was off on a long planned fishing trip, in Mississippi and arrived with his brother, Chad.  The two arrived to speak with police and to make arrangements about recovering Missy’s truck from the church parking lot, where she had left it.  Brandon later said of his wife “She was a great woman and a great wife, a great friend and she will be missed by many people.”

                Police were now stuck in a position where they were trying to determine whether or not Missy knew her attacker, or if this was an instance of a random attack.  Though evidence seemed to suggest that, at a minimum, the perpetrator likely entered the church and was waiting to attack, they were unsure if this person was waiting for Missy, or someone else, and Missy just happened to arrive first.  Friends and family, however, felt very distrinctly that whoever had committed the crime knew Missy and had targeted her specifically.  Brandon, Missy’s husband, later stated to People magazine “I still think whoever this person was knew my wife and had a motive.  There’s no doubt about it.”  He would later state in another interview “I’ve pretty much exhausted every scenario and every avenue that I can think of who could have done this.”  GM Cox, an associate professor at Tarleton State, where Missy went, is a former Police Chief.  When asked about the suspect, he responded “There has to be some link between her death and people in her past.  This person intended to do exactly what they did, when they did it, and whom they did it to.”

                In hopes of finding a suspect, Police began digging into Missy’s life, as well as the life of her family.  They scoured over her social media, and began making connection which they considered to be of interest.  In discussion with a friend of Missy’s, police were informed that just days before her murder, she had received a message on LinkedIn from someone who she didn’t know.  Missy is alleged to have shown this message to the friend, which she described as creepy, though this friend was unable to recall the name of the man who had sent the message.  Police later found another set of messages Missy had exchanged with someone authorities would only call a person of interest.  They defined these messages, from both Missy and the unidentified male, as “flirtatious and familiar.”  Police obtained warrants in order to gather information from the cell phones of several members of Missy’s family.  Among those whose records were checked was Missy’s husband, Brandon.  Police allege that text messages exchanged between Brandon and Missy suggest that the two were experiencing financial difficulties as well as having discussions about extramarital affairs.  Police also sought and obtained warrants to gather cell tower data as they believed it was possible that Missy may have been in contact with her killer, and that the killer may have checked social media to ensure she would be arriving at the church that morning. 

                When the information became public about possible infidelity in the marriage, many in the public began to look at Brandon as a potential suspect.  Brandon’s mother, Marsha Tucker, when asked about the alleged flirtatious messages stated “I mean, as bad as it is on the girls, especially the older ones, for Brandon to lose his wife to murder and then find out about the flirtatious remarks to other people has got to be devastating to him.” 

                A slew of online investigators went so far as to not only accuse Brandon of involvement, but even his father, Randy Bevers.  Many speculated that Randy had a distinctive walking style which they view as similar to that of the suspect seen in the footage.  Brandon and his father have vehemently denied any involvement in the crime, and have made pleas through the media for junior investigators to leave this up to the authorities.  The family has stated that all of the discussion online only brings pain to them, and that Brandon is trying hard to protect his young daughters from all of the baseless accusations hurled against him.  According to authorities, throughout their investigation, they were able to verify alibis for both Brandon and Randy.  At the time the murder took place, Brandon was in Mississippi on a fishing trip, while Randy was traveling in California.  Police would later state “Neither Brandon, nor his father is suspected of killing Missy.”  Kristi Stout, Missy’s sister-in-law, released the followed statement on Facebook in regard to accusations hurled at her family: 

                “All you FB detectives out there I’m sure haven’t checked with American Airlines to verify they were on the plane headed there. Nor did any of you check with the phone companies to see that RB and VB’s phones were actually pinging in the San Diego area at the time of the murder. After all, that’s why we have the FBI and LE who confirmed that already because armchair detectives just don’t have that ability!!!

Not only that, but FBI drove to Biloxi, Mississippi to confirm with others on the fishing trip that BB was in fact there at the time of the murder, as well as verified pings from cell phone towers that he was there. For those of you who say BB hired someone to do this, again FBI has thoroughly watched and studied his accounts and have seen no large money being moved around. BB has been bugged by FBI, grilled like you would never fathom and his story has never changed. If I could sit you all down in a room with a marker board and show you what we’ve learned about this case, and how much work/people have been involved. “

                Randy was looked at suspiciously beyond his walking form.  Four days after Missy was murdered, Randy Bevers dropped off a blood soaked, womans white XXL long sleeved shirt to athe Dry Clean Super Center in Midloathian.  The dry cleaner said that the shirt had clearly, previously, been washed in an attempt to get the blood out.  Randy alleged that the blood on the shirt came from a dog, who was involved in a fight with another dog.  Police obtained a warrant and took possession of the shirt in order to conduct a DNA analysis.  They also spoke with Bever’s veterinarian who confirmed that he had brought in an injured dog.  The lab tested the blood on the shirt and were able to confirm it was not human blood.

                If the police believe that Brandon and Randy weren’t involved, and have tight alibis, than why do others continue to dig into them?  First and foremost, people consider it a possibility that Brandon, though he may have been out of town during the crime, may know the name of the person who killed his wife.  Many have suggested that revenge for an alleged affair may have been motive enough for Brandon to have wanted his wife dead. 

                Interestingly, online detectives did not just look at the family.  In a showing of resourcefulness, they came up with two other suspects that they believed could be connected.  One was a man who had attended Missy’s fitness classes, and who happened to have a wife who was short, had a stocky build and was suffering from a broken foot.  It has been suggested that investigators did look into this possibility, but quickly ruled it out.

                Another name which has been bandied about online is that of April Sandoval.  She had won a few free classes with Camp Gladiator and was struggling to lose weight after having a child.  Though she only attended four out of five classes, she did end up being captured in a photo with the group.  That photo led many to begin investigating her.  The evidence they alleged could point Sandoval to the crime was all circumstantial:  she had injured her foot at work, she was, height wise in the range, had been arrested for passing a bad check and had dropped out of the military.  They also claimed that Sandoval was paying rent on a Nissan Altima, much like the one caught on video that morning, though it would later be proven that the Altima belonged to her mother and Sandoval has stated that she never drove it.  Police later spoke with Sandoval, after receiving many tips from online researches, but found nothing which they felt connected her to the case. 

                Throughout the investigation, in the months and weeks that followed, there was never anyone who was officially listed as a suspect.  There were, though, persons of interest.  Midlothian Police Chief Kevin Johnson said “In general, I can say with the dozens of specific person’s of interest that were called in that we ran them through a variety of filters, which included their potential connection to the victim or the church.  Obviously, their alibi at the time of the offense, their height, weight, background and then with most of them there were face to face interviews. So none of that really lead to him become more than just a person we had a tip on.”

                Despite frustration with a lack of answers, the family has been very supportive of the Midloathian Police, making multiple statements about how cooperative they have been, how hard they have worked and how every time they reach out with a thought, the Police themselves have already had the thought and investigated it.  With no officially named suspects, with no real leads, with nothing that appears to show why Missy Bevers was murdered that it remains a startling and tragic mystery.  But, as one would expect in a case like this, the theories are not in short supply.  They come from all manner of sources, from the police themselves, the family, friends and a slew of online investigators who believe they have the answers that could crack the case open. 

                The first theory is that Missy Bever’s murder was unmotivated, because it was unplanned.  Many have speculated that the person who committed this atrocious crime was not there with that intent, but instead to vandalize the church itself.  They point to the fact that the assailant arrived early in the morning, when no one was there and broke into the church.  The assailant then spent thirty minutes walking around, breaking into rooms and shattering windows.  Many believe that the suspect intended to damage the church, and did not expect Missy Bevers to arrive when she did.  This theory also splits off into another. 

                The second theory suggests that the person who murdered Missy Bevers did in fact have murder as a motive, but that Missy was not the target.  Who the target could have been, none can speculate.  Perhaps a regular church goer, perhaps a member of Missy’s class, maybe someone entirely different.  Either way, this theory suggests that when Missy arrived, the suspect became startled and felt the only way out was to kill her to conceal his or her identity.  That suggests that Missy Bever’s death was more a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, though many disagree with this theory.

                The third theory is that Missy was in fact the target, though it becomes a question whether the suspect elected to commit this crime or was hired or asked to do so.  If indeed the suspect committed the crime out of a personal desire or motive, this would suggest a link between Missy and her killer.  The crime itself was brutal, conducted in close combat, and certainly seems to suggest a personal vendetta or link between Missy and the person who stole her life from her.  It all becomes a question of why.  This is where many have tried to make connections to people who may have interacted with Missy, if only once or twice and we get accusations like those against April Sandoval.

                The fourth theory is that the suspect was sent there by someone else who wanted Missy dead.  The list is both long and short, with no name truly being known, and only some suggested.  Some believe that Brandon Bevers, Missy’s husband, hired someone to kill his wife while he was out of town with an alibi.  While family reacted as though they were surprised about Missy’s alleged infidelity, investigators found evidence to suggest that Brandon and Missy had discussed it, leading many to believe that Brandon planned the murder out, possibly even longer than he planned his trip to Mississippi.  Though it is completely speculative, this is one of the more popular theories.

                The fifth theory is that Missy was murdered by her own father in law, Randy Bevers.  Whether this was done by the request of his son, or out of his own anger, no one quite knows.  Truly, the only pieces of evidence, and I use the word evidence loosely, which implies any connection between Randy and Missy’s death is that Randy has what some believe is a similar walk.  That’s it.  No hard evidence or details of the investigation place him at the scene, and in fact, he was known to be out of the state at the time the murder took place.  Still, this doesn’t stop people from continuing to list him as a person of interest.

                The sixth theory is that Missy Bever’s was not murdered by someone she knew, but by someone who knew of her.  This theory suggests that it was in fact a woman who murdered Missy that April morning in 2016, for one of the oldest motives in the book:  jealousy.  Investigators were aware that Missy was talking to someone in what they called a flirtatious manner.  It has been alleged that this man was married, and that it’s entirely possible that his wife chose to murder Missy in order to avenge the infidelity of her husband.  Despite the fact that investigators looked into this, closely, and were unable to make any true connections, others still believe there is a high likelihood that the murder of Missy Bevers is directly connected to her love life.            

                Over a year has gone by, and yet no real answers have been found.  Without a suspect, it becomes a convoluted mess of speculation and rumor.  A beautiful woman, a mother of three, a wife, a sister, a daughter was murdered and so little has been uncovered.  Police received thousands of tips and in the first two month of the investigation over $400,000 were spent in man hours and resources for the investigation.  Police continue to receive tips on a weekly basis, and are frustrated that this case has remained a mystery for over a year now.  Missy’s family desperately wants answers as to why she was murdered.  They want justice for the brilliant life that was stolen away and the shattered family left behind to move forward without their wife, and mother.

[Thoughts & Theories]

                The murder of Missy Bevers is a disturbing and brutal crime made worse by the incredibly baffling nature of it.  You have a forty-five year old mother of three who has dedicated her life to helping others, be it as a special education teacher or a fitness trainer.  Everyone who knew her spoke volumes about her kind nature and how giving she was, the kind of woman who would give you the shirt off her back if she knew you needed it more than she did that day.  In the aftermath of her murder, her family has been tested not only by having to accept such a grisly crime, but being the subject of ridicule and speculation from the outside world who know little of their lives and leap to conclusions based on circumstancial, or in many cases, incorrect information of assumptions.  It was my intent, with this episode, to lay out as much of the factual evidence that exists and to give all of the details that I could find.  In much of this case though, it can be difficult to maneuver because so many people’s ideas and opinions have been tainted by rumors that I had to work twice as hard as normal to ensure what I was reading was fact and not someone’s theory.

                I wanted to address a few things about this case before moving into the theories.  The first thing is the surveillance video from inside the church that night.  I will share this video with you, on Facebook and Twitter, but it is truly bizarre.  I tried not to go too in depth in my description of it because, frankly, you have to see it to understand.  My immediate question was where does someone get this kind of gear without it being traceable?  I know in this day and age you can find a wild assortment of things online, but to see someone dressed up in mock SWAT gear, I can’t help but think that it likely wasn’t purchased all in one shot, and there has to be some way of tracking it down.  In addition to that, I can’t help but wonder if the killer isn’t still in possession of this gear.  And when I say mock-SWAT gear, I don’t mean bad looking.  It’s actually very convincing, at least from the standpoint of the surveillance camera.  I think when Missy ran into this person at 4 in the morning inside of a church, there was likely a lack of concern and a feeling of ease at first.  This may have been all that was necessary to allow the perpetrator to get Missy’s guard down enough to be able to attack her. 

                The video itself is odd, and I’ve watched likely more times than a person should.  There is certainly something strange about the movement style of the killer, though I can’t say with certainty that I agree with the concept of the so-called “feminine sway” in the walk.  There does seem to be something bothering the individual, though, and I understand why authorities believe there may be an injury to the foot or leg.  What is most frustrating about this video is how casual the killer appears to be.  The suspect isn’t rushed or hurried, at no point do they act alarmed or concerned.  It’s certainly not the behavior of someone who has broken into a church and is worried about getting caught, and if indeed murder was the motive for the break in, this person is exceedingly calm and collected about it which is absolutely chilling.

                The last thing I wanted to spend a moment on before moving into the theories is how important it is, when investigating a case like this, to consider the things you are saying.  I discuss theories, I try to examine what has been put out there and give you some facts one way or the other about it.  In most cases, I do not tell you what happened because these are all unsolved, and there is no way to know for certain.  So I tell you what I consider unlikely versus what I consider likely.  You’re never going to hear me say “this is exactly what happened” because I don’t know for sure, and no one does.  It’s important to remember that the subjects of these episodes are real people, with families and friends who have been left broken in their absence.  It is remarkably insensitive and selfish, I believe, to construct a theory with little basis for evidence and to pass it off as fact.  I do reach out to people involved in these cases, but even if I believe in my heart that someone was responsible, I’m not going to make that accusation.  I might ask, but I will not state it like it is fact.  In this case, many people dug into the lives of those close to Missy, and those who they believed knew more than they were saying.  They gave out addresses, made accusations, damaged lives and brought pain to the family, and specifically Missy’s children.  I know how passionate we can get about it, but we have to use our best judgement.  If I believe I know the answers, I’m going to talk to the Midloathian Police, not go online, expose a random person on a hunch and act as though I’ve got all the answers.  The Police always hold back information, there are details we don’t know, there angles we can’t see.  All of this must be considered when looking at any unsolved case.  On to the theories.

                The first theory looks at this case from the angle that Missy’s murder was a matter of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Proponents of this theory believe that the suspect broke into the church, not with the intention of murdering Missy, but for some others reason.  Initially it was believed that it may have been a case of a robbery gone wrong, that Missy may have surprised the assailant and was attacked as a result.  Even Police initially believed this was the case, but fairly quickly were able to change their minds about it.  Mostly based on the fact that, throughout the entire surveillance video, you do not see the perpetrator take anything and when the church was investigated, it was found that nothing was missing.  Though I can understand the rationale behind this theory, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence to support it.

                It’s extremely difficult to say, though.  You can watch the suspect walking up and down the halls, opening doors and breaking windows.  It seems like exceedingly strange behavior if indeed your intent was to murder someone who was going to arrive later.  Why run the risk of someone hearing the glass break, and why break into the church to wait for Missy if you were going to be wearing head to toe fake Police gear?  The suspect could have just as easily walked up to Missy in the parking lot, caught her off guard with the outfit, disarmed her with a few words and then attacked without needing to be inside of the building itself.  And if you were going to break in, why not hide somewhere and wait for your target to arrive if that was the purpose?  Though there is no way of knowing for sure, I do not believe that the attack was random.  I do believe that murder was the motive, I do believe that whoever committed this crime intended to do so, but the question then becomes, was Missy absolutely the target?

                The second theory speculates that murder was the reason this person broke into the church that day.  We cannot know for certain that Missy was the intended target.  It seems likely, considering that there was a class that morning and Missy had spoken about it on social media.  It certainly wasn’t a secret and if someone truly wanted to attack her at a time when she would least expect it, this would line up well with that intent.  But what if the killer didn’t even know Missy, what if he or she had entered the church looking to attack someone else?  The perpetrator shows a certain level of comfort and familiarity with the building, walking around as though they had been there before.  In addition to this, perhaps the breaking of the windows had more to do with a problem he or she had with the church and someone who belonged to it more than a woman who was going to be conducting a fitness class that morning.

                The police getup is interesting because what better way to throw someone off and buy yourself enough trust or confusion to get close?  There likely was a way for this person to get out without committing the murder.  He or she could have hidden when Missy arrived and snuck out, they could have run out the door they came in when they heard Missy coming in the front.  They didn’t, they went toward the main entrance, they waited for someone to get in.  The one thing which leads me to believe that this murder was not conducted on Missy by mere happenstance, and that Missy herself was likely the main target, is the timing.  No one else was in the church at that time.  The only person coming to the church before 5am that day was going to be Missy.  You’d have to assume that if someone were plotting against a church member, or someone else who could be entering the building, they’d have watched long enough and paid enough attention to know when that person would arrive.  The suspect broke in at 3:50 in the morning.  They waited for someone to get there.  I believe that someone was Missy, though we may never know for sure.

                The third theory adopts the concept that Missy was the intended target, but questions whether this was a personal crime or merely a matter of someone being hired or talked into committing it.  There’s currently no way for us to know this answer with 100% certainty, so all possibilities must be considered.  If indeed this was a case where someone was sent to murder Missy, obviously all of our questions at that point in time would turn to motive.  Why would someone want Missy dead?  That question opens a rather large bag for which we cannot truly find a resolution.  While I can accept the idea that this was a murder for hire situation, there are a few things about it that lead me to question it.  Missy was found with puncture wounds in her head and chest.  A professional, or someone who wants to ensure a kill, is likely going to use a gun, not a stabbing weapon.  Perhaps this is why the ATF brought in a gun powder residue sniffing dog.  The church is somewhat isolated, and for a crime that’s going to take place at approximately 4:20 in the morning, I don’t think the killer is going to be worried about being heard.  In addition to this, the use of the hammer to break the windows seems unlike something someone would do if they were specifically there to murder someone on the orders of someone else.  .  Perhaps the windows were broken and doors were opened to give it the appearance of a robbery gone wrong and to throw investigators off the trail. 

                Theory four continues on this line of thought, those it looks more closely at the likely names of individuals who may have wanted to hire someone to murder Missy.  We don’t know who could have been hired for this and it’s certainly not like the movies where there is an underground network of highly trained assassins to turn to.  There are suspicions, though they are based mostly on speculation and conjecture.  Was it a jealous husband who felt betrayed?  A father in law who was angry about alleged infidelity against his son?  The wife of another man who wanted revenge?  Or someone who had developed an interest in Missy and felt spurned by her?  Remember, if someone was hired to commit this crime by someone who knew Missy, that’s yet another mouth that has to remain closed.  Typically, in situations like this, the more people know, the harder it is going to be to keep it under wraps.  When it comes down to the most theorized suspects, the possibilities are endless.  I don’t think this was a case of murder for hire, however.  The weapon is what clinches it for me.  This was a murder conducted in close combat, Missy was savagely attacked and likely was face to face with her killer when it happened.  To me, that is much more a sign of a personal motive than of a cold and detached killer for hire.  The police outfit, I also believe, was worn not only to surprise Missy, but to conceal the suspects identity from security cameras that he or she knew were there.  I believe the suspect knew the church, knew the cameras and believed that if he or she didn’t conceal his identity, people in that community would have been able to identify him or her.  So is the murder for hire theory possible?  Absolutely, but to me, it is not nearly as likely as this being motivated by personal issues and anger towards the victim.

                The fifth theory takes a much closer look at a possible suspect, someone who was close to Missy, would have known her routine and may have had motive to murder her.  The first suspect on many people’s lists is Missy’s father-in-law, Randy Bevers.  We know that during the course of the investigation police were able to uncover information which they believe suggests infidelity, at most, or flirtation, at least, on Missy’s part.  There are allegedly messages exchanged between Missy and another man on LinkedIn, which is just an odd sight by which to flirt, but regardless, many have run with this information.  According to this theory, Brandon Bevers spoke to his father about the issue and Randy either elected to take action on his own volition, or Brandon suggested some kind of action be taken. 

                You must bear in mind that this theory is extremely speculative and there is no solid evidenciary basis for it other than rumor.  Initially, Randy was looked at by police due to his bringing a blood soaked shirt to the dry cleaners four days after the murder.  It was a womans shirt, which I find fascinating considering police have stated that they believe the movement style of the suspect was feminine.  As it turned out, the blood on the shirt was not from a human and Randy had a solid story about his dog getting into a fight and being injured which the veterinarian was able to back up.  On top of that, Randy wasn’t in town when the murder was committed.  He was in California, and independent sources were able to verify this.  So, why is Randy considered a suspect?  Essentially because people watched the surveillance video and felt that in footage they had seen of Randy, that he moved in a similar style to the killer.  That’s it.  It’s a fairly thin theory when you really look at it, and while I can understand the feeling that this crime was committed by someone who knew Missy, I just don’t see the real connections to Randy here.  It’s possible that Randy has knowledge, or played a role, but as of yet I’ve not seen a single shred of evidence that leads me to believe that.

                Though it isn’t really a theory, there are those who believe that Missy’s husband Brandon played a role in her murder, either by hiring someone to commit the crime or by being more directly involved.  Much like in the case of his father, there doesn’t appear to be any evidence to link him to the crime.  The husband is almost always the first and prime suspect when a crime like this is committed, but the police have never listed him as a suspect.  He was out of town, fishing in Mississippi when his wife was brutally murdered.  Many people have speculated that it’s highly coincidental that both Brandon and his father were in different states when the crime was committed and though I understand that viewpoint, you also have to look from the other side.  If you were plotting a murder, what better time than when you know the husband will not be in town?  Much like the case of Randy, there’s never been any solid evidence, and frankly there’s never been any thin evidence either, which connects Brandon to this crime.  Plenty of people can see motive in the discussions of infidelity, but you can see motive in many places.  It only matters if you’ve got the facts and the evidence to make a real connection and when it comes to Brandon, there is nothing that connects.

                The sixth, and final theory, is that Missy was murdered by someone who knew her, but who she did not know.  We know about the alleged infidelity, though to what extent we went we cannot be sure.  Suffice it to say, the messages that were exchanged between Missy and the unidentified man on LinkedIn have been the source of a great deal of speculation in the year since Missy was killed.  Some have looked at this as a likely place for a motive, and considered the possibility that a jealous wife or girlfriend chose to murder Missy as retribution.  There’s certainly possibility there, and if indeed the suspect moved in a feminine way this would make sense.  It’s hard to say, because my logical mind tell me that this isn’t the kind of thing worth murdering a person over, but when it comes to romance, logic isn’t typically something that a lot of people are able to properly employ.  So it has to be looked at.  I certainly think it’s a possibility that Missy was murdered over some kind of a love triangle situation, and that the personal nature of the crime itself would fit into this scenario.  The problem, for me, is that the police spoke to the man Missy had been flirting with.  I would have to believe they thoroughly examined anyone connected to him, especially if he was married or dating.  That doesn’t mean they could necessarily find the evidence, but the name of the man has never leaked, let alone of a possible suspect he was involved with.  Of course, we don’t know if there was another man somewhere else that Missy had spoken with which could have sparked someone to commit this heinous crime.  I certainly believe this is a possibility.

                Terri Missy Bevers was murdered over a year ago, and despite their dedication to the case and devotion to the process, authorities have been unable to produce a suspect.  They, like many of us, are baffled by the surveillance video and at the time, they believed they would be able to solve the case quickly.  Unfortunately, it has drawn out and become only more complex with each passing day.  Thousands of tips have been run down, hundreds of individuals have been spoken to.  Search warrants have been executed, and yet it has all led back to square one.  Who murdered Missy Bevers, robbed her three daughters of their mother, robbed Brandon of his wife?  Who could commit such a terribly tragic crime and just walk away, into nothingness?  Perhaps some day we will have an answer, and Missy’s family can be granted the justice and closure they so desperately deserve, and need.