Episode 081 - Carbon County Beth Doe

Carbon County Beth Doe Trace Evidence

On December 20th, 1976, a fourteen year old boy made a horrifying discovery along the banks of the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania. The body of an unidentified woman was found, severely mutilated and stuffed into three separate suit cases which had been thrown from the i80 interstate, some three hundred feet above.

For the past forty-three years, the victim, known only as Carbon County Beth Doe, has remained unidentified and her killer has never been located. Making it even more horrifying was the discovery that, at the time of her death, Beth Doe was nine months pregnant.

The crime was committed in an atrocious manner, and for many, the case will forever haunt them. Who killed and mutilated Beth, and for what reason? Was it a chance encounter, someone she knew or perhaps even a member of her own family?

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