Episode 053 - Colorado Triple Murder

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On February 7th, 1999, in Westminster, Colorado, thirty-nine year old Paul Skiba brought his nine year old daughter, Sarah, to work at his moving company while covering a shift for an employee.  They were met by Lorenzo Chivers, one of Paul's employees, to go out on a job.  The three drove off in a moving truck and were never seen again.

Police initially believed the disappearance was related to a custody battle between Paul and his ex-wife, Michelle.  Despite friends and family urging them to investigate, authorities delayed for days.  Finally, when Paul's mother, and two friends found bullet holes, blood and hair at the company parking lot, Police launched an investigation.

No suspects were named, though many have made links between the triple murder and Paul's then girlfriend, Teresa Donovan.  Paul was looking to split up and wanted Teresa out of his home by the very day he disappeared.  Teresa's sister was living with Lorenzo and her brother, Tom, had a vendetta against Paul.Blood found at the scene belonged to Paul and Sarah, as well as hair and fragments of flesh.  Police indicated that the quantity of blood signified fatal wounds.  No trace of Lorenzo was ever found.  Over the next nineteen years, many theories would rise to the surface including possible links to drug trafficking, insurance money or the Donovan family seeking revenge.

What happened to Paul, Sarah and Lorenzo and why has it remained unsolved for nearly twenty years? Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this deeply baffling and disturbing case.

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