Join the Team

 Listeners often ask what they can do to help support Trace Evidence and to be a part of the team.
Outside of purchasing merchandise, becoming a patron or donating through PayPal there are many FREE
options to help Trace Evidence grow. Helping out can also give you the opportunity
to receive cool Trace Evidence stickers and pins.

Leave a Review

Leaving a review is an invaluable way to help Trace Evidence grow. More review provides the podcast with greater visibility, bringing in more listeners who can hear these cases.

You can leave a review on iTunes / Apple Podcasts. If you have never left a review before, This Walkthrough will take you step by step through the process. You can also leave reviews on Trace Evidence pages for Podchaser and Stitcher.

Every review helps the show, especially those which are 5 stars.

If you leave a 5 Star review, send a screenshot to: and you’ll be entered in a monthly drawing to Trace Evidence stickers!

Promote Trace Evidence


If you’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Pinterest or any other social media sites you can help out tremendously by spreading the word about Trace Evidence. While bigger podcasts can afford to spend large sums of money on advertising, Trace Evidence is independently owned and operated by one individual.

As such, social media posts about Trace Evidence are incredibly valuable and helpful at growing the show and its audience. Tag Trace Evidence in your posts, utilize hashtags such as #TraceEvidence and #TraceEvidencePod. On Facebook, mention the podcast in True Crime and Podcast groups (as long as that is acceptable under the rules of the group.)