Podcasts I love

I am frequently asked what other podcasts I listen to / what are my favorite,
go-to podcasts.  The following list will likely grow and change over time,
but here are some of the podcasts I am subscribed to and listen to in my
free time. You'll find both true crime pods, as well as many other categories. 


Something's Not Right

Hosted by Olivia and Thashana, Something's Not Right explores true crime in all shapes and forms, as well as legends and myths.  Together, the hosts approach each case with a great attention to detail and a twist of dark humor.  

Originating from Tennessee, many of their episodes examine cases within their own state, though they have on many occasions covered true crime cases from all across the United States.

One of my favorite podcasts out there, I thoroughly enjoy their approach and style and freely admit they frequently get me to laugh out loud.  In one of the few crossovers I've participated in, I appeared in Episode 44:  Hendersonville Triple Homicide

One of my favorites:  Episode 43:  Steve McNair


Corpus Delicti

Hosted by Lindsay and Jennifer, Corpus Delicti explores a wide array of true crime stories.  The hosts manage to dig deep into the stories with their own personal brand of genuine sincerity interspersed with moments of levity.  

Since the beginning, Corpus Delicti have covered many different cases.  As of recently, they've begun doing their show in a series-format, covering cases in particular categories.  Their most recent series, Bars and Stripes, examined famous prison breaks.

One of my favorites:  46 - Bars and Stripes: The Mecklenburg 6