Episode 092 - The Abduction and Murder of Christine Jessop

Christine Jessop Trace Evidence

On October 3rd, 1984, nine year old Christine Jessop vanished from the streets of Queensville, Ontario. For months searchers looked everywhere, but no trace could be found. Sadly, on New Years Eve, they made the horrifying discovery of her remains.

While police zeroed in on a suspect, a lot of questions were being ignored. When that suspect was officially charged, police told the public they had caught the killer. After years of legal wrangling, DNA evidence finally exonerated their suspect.

A decade after Christine’s murder, the first real investigation began. However, so much time had passed and so much information had been ignored, it was almost too insurmountable to overcome.

Now, thirty-five years later, Christine’s killer still walks free while a smile of his DNA is in the hands of police. Will the killer ever be caught or will Christine’s family perpetually wonder who took the beautiful nine year old from them?

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