Episode 061 - The Abduction of Angela Hammond

Angela Hammond Trace Evidence

Twenty year old Angela Hammond was living in rural Clinton, Missouri.  Everything in her life seemed to be coming together:  she'd fallen in love, gotten engaged and was pregnant with her first child.  The bright, sweet and beautiful young woman was excited for the days ahead and the future she was building.

On April 4th, 1991, she had plans to meet her fiance, Rob, downtown for a night out.  As the evening wore on, she found herself getting tired and decided she'd rather just go home.  She stopped at a payphone at the edge of a supermarket parking lot and called Rob to cancel their plans.  In the midst of this conversation, Angie was abducted by a man in a green pickup truck.

Angie screamed into the phone.  Rob sped over to the scene and caught sight of the truck.  As it passed him, Rob saw Angie struggling with the driver and heard her screaming his name.  He spun his own truck around and gave chase, but in doing so he had severely damaged his transmission and the last thing he saw were the abductor's tail lights vanishing into the darkness.Who abducted Angie Hammond twenty-seven years ago, and what became of her?  Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines this haunting story.

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