Episode 008 - The Bible John Murders


From 1968 to 1969 in Glasgow, Scotland, a brutal rapist and murderer committed a series of attacks from February of 68 to October of 69. Then, just as quickly as he would strike, the killer vanished. When all was said and done, the mysterious killer took the lives of three women: Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald and Helen Puttock. All three women were beaten, raped and strangled with their own stockings and the similarities do not end there.

Eyewitnesses gave their accounts of the killer, including Helen Puttock's sister Jean, who shared a taxi ride with the killer and her sister the night she was murdered. The press dubbed the killer "Bible John" since he was said to have quoted the Bible. Over the years, many suspects would be questioned, and theories would rise to prominence. Nearly fifty years later, and the true identity of Bible John cannot be known for sure. Was it a rogue police officer? A former military man? A notorious rapist and murderer arrested 37 years later? Or, is it possible, that Bible John the individual, never truly existed and these crimes were committed by more than one person?

Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this case, and studies the unanswerable question: Who was Bible John?

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