Episode 067 - The Disappearance of Amy Wroe Bechtel

Amy Wroe Bechtel Trace Evidence

Twenty-four year old Amy Wroe Bechtel was putting the future together. Along with her husband, Steve, they had moved to the picturesque town of Lander, Wyoming and in the Summer of 1997, they had just closed on the purchase of their first house.

On July 24th, both had the day off from work and while Steve planned to go rock climbing, Amy was going to run errands and then go running, her favorite activity. This day though, it was partially work as she was mapping out the path of a 10k she was organizing. Amy drove up into the Shoshone National Park and never returned.

Steve returned home and after waiting for hours, grew worried and called the Sheriff's Department. Amy's car was discovered parked on the side of the road but there was no sign of the young woman. Amy's disappearance kicked off a massive search and rescue effort but after days of searching and yielding no results, investigators began looking at her husband.

Over the next twenty-two years many theories would develop, Steve's connection to investigators and his in-laws would be severed and a convicted killer would become a possible suspect. Join host Steven Pacheco as he asks what happened to Amy Wroe Bechtel on July 24th, 1997?

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