Episode 077 - The Disappearance of Bob Harrod

Bob Harrod Trace Evidence

Eighty-one year old Bob Harrod was experiencing something that usually only happens in movies. After nearly sixty years apart, he had reunited with his first love, Fontelle, and they had gotten married. While his new wife returned to Missouri to pack her belongings, Bob had a lot he wanted to get done at his home in California before his new bride returned.

On July 26th, Bob had a meeting with his three daughters. The point of the gathering was to discuss their inheritance and the family trust. Reportedly, the conversation didn't go well and things got heated, but eventually cooled down. Strangely, just twenty-four hours later, Bob would vanish.

Two days before Fontelle was set to return, Bob went missing from his home. In the ten years since, little if any evidence has been uncovered. A feud broke out between Bob's daughters and Fontelle, with the family believing she was a gold digger and Fontelle believing that Bob's own children may have succumbed to their greed and done something terrible. What happened to Bob Harrod and who is responsible?

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