Episode 069 - The Disappearance of Brandy Hanna

Brandy Hanna Trace Evidence

Thirty-two year old Brandy Hanna had recently gotten out of a six year long relationship. Having lived with her fiance, Ray McAdams, she couldn't help but develop feelings for a friend, Zeke Lankford. The situation became complicated and ultimately Brandy moved out, choosing to find an apartment to rent with Zeke.

Just weeks after leaving Ray, Zeke told Brandy that he was leaving her. The young woman was now living alone, in an apartment in a bad part of town that her mother, Donna, didn't want her staying in. Brandy decided to use this alone time to put her head straight and figure out what she wanted to do.

On Friday, May 20th, 2005, Brandy worked the morning shift at Alex's restaurant. When her mother arrived that afternoon, she headed home and planned to go out to the beach for the weekend. Brandy would never make it to the beach and instead would vanish under bizarre circumstances.

The investigation would find a witness who described the man and vehicle who had arrived to pick up Brandy the night she disappeared. The only problem was the vehicle and description fit two men: Zeke Lankford and Ray McAdams.

For the next fourteen years, the investigation will grow cold and heat up. Lies will be uncovered and alibis destroyed. A suspect will die prematurely and another will admit to trying to frame him. A dedicated investigator will uncover a shoe believed to have belonged to Brandy and charges will be filed for obstruction of justice, and yet, all these years later, the truth of what happened to Brandy remains concealed.

Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines this difficult and heartbreaking case.

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