Episode 075 - The Disappearance of Christian Ferguson

Christian Ferguson Trace Evidence

Christian Ferguson was born with a life threatening disorder and nearly died in his first three days. Once the doctors were able to diagnose him, treatment was assigned and it was believed Christian could live a normal, healthy life.

Following his parents divorce, and a bitter dispute in court, Christian's father, Dawan T. Ferguson was granted full custody while his mother, Theda, has visitation. Theda filed multiple claims against Dawan for neglect and child abuse, though these were never proven and the court did not accept them.

In 2001, Christian suffered a setback in which his condition worsened and he seized and fell into a coma. He suffered severe brain damage which inhibited his abilities and required full time supervision and care. While multiple nurses noted poor conditions at his home, Christian remained with his father.

In June of 2003, Theda won a court case in which she proved Dawan was denying her visitation. Dawan was ordered to give Theda back visitation starting on June 14th, but sadly, Christian would be gone by then.

On June 11th, Dawan called 911 to report that his vehicle had been stolen with Christian inside. Two hours later the vehicle was discovered, but Christian was nowhere to be seen. Over the course of the next sixteen years, investigators would uncover an avalanche of evidence suggesting Christian had been neglected, abused and possibly, murdered.

What happened to Christian Ferguson and what secrets remain in the mind of the man who was charged with taking care of him?

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