Episode 035 - The Disappearance of Danielle Imbo & Richard Petrone

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Thirty-four year old Danielle Imbo was going through a divorce and raising her eighteen month old son. Through her best friend, Christine, she reconnected with her high school crush, Christine's older brother, thirty-five year old, single father Richard Petrone. The two clicked instantly. Their relationship was going well when Danielle's ex-husband began attempting to rekindle their romance.

Unsure of what to do, Danielle decided it was more important for her to be single and provide a life for her son, and so she told both men that she needed space and time to work on herself. Five weeks later, on February 19th, 2005, Richard reached out to Danielle asking if she'd like to come out for a drink and see some bands perform. Needing a night out, Danielle agreed and the two headed down to South Street, in Philadelphia, where they met up with Richard's friends Anthony and Michelle.

After a the music ended, they decided to call it an early night. Both were picking up their kids the next day and didn't want to be too tired. At 11:45pm, they walked out of the bar and were never seen again, nor was Richard's 2001 black Dodge Dakota that he drove that night. For thirteen years their families have wondered what happened to them, and the Philadelphia and New Jersey police, as well as the FBI, have been heavily involved in attempting to solve this bizarre disappearance.

How can two people and a three thousand pound truck simply vanish? Did the two single parents choose to run off and start a new life? Could there have been an accident which resulted in the couple sinking into the Delaware river? Did Danielle's ex-husband, Joe Imbo, play a role in her disappearance? Or could the couple have been murdered, either in a random act of violence or in an orchestrated murder for hire scenario?

Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores the confusing details of this utterly baffling case and attempts to answer the question: What happened to Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone?

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