Episode 057 & 058 - The Disappearance of Jeramy Burt Parts 1 & 2

Jeramy Burt Trace Evidence

Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt was putting his life back together.  After an affair with his lawyer, his wife, Kim, filed for divorce and the two went their separate ways, though they were forever bonded through their young daughter.  Jeramy regretted his mistakes and worked hard to make amends and regain Kim's trust.  After his lawyer tried to coerce him into lying under oath in an attempt to frame her assistant, Jeramy recorded their conversations and testified against her in front of the grand jury.

While his ex-lawyer, and former girlfriend, served a year in prison, Jeramy and Kim reconnected and began to repair the damage to their relationship.  In February of 2007, they were living together and talking about future possibilities.  Unfortunately, his old girlfriend had gotten out of prison and was pressuring Jeramy to come back to her.  While Kim was in Las Vegas, for a work seminar, Jeramy spent the weekend with family back in his hometown of American Falls, Idaho.  Upon returning, on Sunday evening, Jeramy spoke with Kim and then told his father he was going to meet a friend.  He never came back.

A series of bizarre texts were sent to Kim's cell phone, from Jeramy's phone.  They alleged that he was moving on with his life, leaving town and planning to start a new life under a new identity.  It made no sense, and Jeramy might leave Kim, but he would never leave his family, or his beloved daughter.  Unfortunately, since the texts were from Jeramy's phone, and he was an adult, there was little police could do.  However, when Kim reported that he'd left in her car, they did file reports about her missing vehicle.After several strange events, Kim's car was discovered three months later.  It had been abandoned in the desolate Bruneau desert, one hundred miles south of Boise and it had been set ablaze.  Little evidence could be recovered from the scene, but this disturbing find finally caused the Boise Police Department to launch an official investigation.

What happened to Jeramy Burt and how could his disappearance possibly be connected to that of another Idaho man, with whom he was acquainted, three years earlier?  Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines this disturbing disappearance and highly complicated case in the first of this two-part episode.

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Jeramy Burt was last seen on February 11th, 2007.  Ninety six days later, the vehicle he had driven off in, his ex-wife's Mercury Cougar, was discovered abandoned and torched in the Bruneau desert in Southwest Idaho.  The discovery of the car caused the Boise Police Department to officially launch an investigation into his disappearance.

During the course of the investigation they examined his bank and phone records, revealing details about his final moments and the days after he vanished.  His ex-wife, Kim, who he had been dating again at the time, married another man shortly after Jeramy disappeared, raising many suspicions.  His former girlfriend, and ex-lawyer, Jeannie Braun, became a person of interest for almost everyone associated with the case, but was there more to the story?

In the conclusion to this story, host Steven Pacheco examines the investigation, missing audio files, polygraph tests, suspects and a possible link between Jeramy's disappearance and that of another Idaho man, Ahren Barnard.

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