Episode 049 - The Disappearance of Kayla Berg

Kayla Berg Trace Evidence

Fifteen year old Kayla Berg was excited to move back to her hometown of Antigo, Wisconsin after spending the previous two months in Texas with her mother, Hope.  While Texas hadn't worked out for the pair, Kayla was looking forward to seeing her father and brother, as well as all the friends she had left behind.Kayla returned on August 2nd, 2009, and immediately took advantage of the dwindling weeks of summer before she'd be returning to High School as a Junior. 

Living with her grandparents, while her mother attempted to find more permanent housing, wasn't ideal, but Kayla was just happy to be home. Just a little over a week after coming back, on August 11th, Kayla makes arrangements to hang out with twenty-four year old Kevin Kielcheski, a friend of her brother's who she has known since she was young.  Kevin picks her up around 9pm, and is home by midnight, but Kayla never makes it back. 

The next day, when Kayla is noted as missing, Kevin states that he dropped her off at a friends house.  The problem with his story is that the house in question had been condemned a month earlier, and belonged to Kayla's ex-boyfriend, Miguel.  Kevin claims Kayla directed him to the location, while her friends protest that she knew no one lived there anymore.Over the course of the next eight years, Kevin and Miguel would become the prime people of interest.  The stories about Kayla's activities would stir up rumors and speculation while investigators had the difficult task of attempting to determine what happened to a fifteen year old girl, with a fear of the dark, who is alleged to have been dropped off at an abandoned house in the middle of the night.

What happened to Kayla Berg?  Did she run into someone at the abandoned home who had dark intentions?  Was her ex-boyfriend Miguel involved in her mysterious disappearance?  Or, did her brother's close friend, Kevin, tell an elaborate story about dropping her off when something more sinister took place?Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines this convoluted and tragic case in hopes of differentiating between rumor and fact in Episode 49 - The Disappearance of Kayla Berg.

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