Episode 026 - The Disappearance of Leah Roberts

Leah Roberts Trace Evidence

Twenty-Three year old Leah Roberts had lived a difficult life and suffered multiple tragedies. By the time she was twenty-two she had lost both of her parents and been involved in a near fatal car accident. Desperate for a way to deal with her grief, and in order to find herself and her true dreams, she embarked on a secret trip.

On March 9th, 2000, she left her home in North Carolina, heading for Desolation Peak in Washington state. She was on the trail of her favorite author, Jack Kerouac, and though she had two older siblings and a close knit group of friends, she chose to tell no one. Her sister, Kara, reported her missing on Monday, March 13th, and five days later received startling news. Leah's white jeep cherokee had been found in Whatcom County, WA. It was at the bottom of an embankment, smashed up and abandoned. Worse yet, there were no signs of Leah anywhere.

A massive search was conducted, and an investigation launched but Leah was never found nor was any trace of her, outside of her jeep. Over the next seventeen years, Police would continue to be baffled and perplexed by this incredibly unusual disappearance. Did Leah Roberts choose to run off in hopes of starting a new life? Was she overcome by her grief and made the desperate choice to end her life? Was Leah severely injured in the crash and died somewhere in the wilds of the Washington wilderness? Or, was Leah a victim of foul play and not even present when her jeep went rolling over a cliff?

Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines and attempts to unravel the curious details and mystifying riddles of this mind boggling disappearance.

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