Episode 051 - The Disappearance of Logan Schiendelman

Logan Schiendelman Trace Evidence

Logan Schiendelman had just finished his first year of college as Washington State University.  He had spent a little too much time having fun, and not as much attending classes, and so he wasn’t able to return and instead planned to get a job, put some money in his pocket and see where the world would take him.  He was on a journey of self discovery, hoping to find his place in life, and within his own community.               

On May 19th, 2016, he told his grandmother that he’d had an epiphany but before they could discuss it further, she had to go to work.  They made plans to talk that evening, but when she returned home, Logan was gone and as the days passed, she filed a missing person’s report, which would lead to bizarre eye witness accounts and the discovery of Logan’s car abandoned along Instate Five, just five miles from his home.  According to witness accounts, the car had drifted across multiple lanes before crashing into the center divider.  One witness reported seeing a man leap from the passenger side, fleeing into the woods.  Another told the story of Logan in the company of two men, standing at the rear of the vehicle.               

When examined, in the car were Logan’s wallet, ID, money and his cell phone.  There didn’t appear to be any signs of a struggle, but for his family and investigators, the items left behind seemed to suggest that Logan’s disappearance might be the result of foul play.  In the two years since, multiple searches have been launched, media coverage has shared his story nationwide and the strange stories about two figures seen in his presence in the hours before he vanished depict a confusing situation no one has yet been able to figure out.                 

What happened to Logan Schiendelman and why, two years later, has so little been discovered in connection with this utterly baffling disappearance?

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