Episode 036 - The Disappearance of Suzanne Lyall

Trace Evidence Suzanne Lyall

Nineteen year old Suzanne Lyall was an accomplished poet and computer whiz attending the State University of New York at Albany. Majoring in computer science, she was cutting the path for a bright future full of joy and love. Along with her boyfriend, Richard, she was setting her goals high and looking to achieve all of her dreams.

On March 2nd, 1998, Suzanne took an important mid-term and then reported to her job for her 4pm shift. She seemed a little more relaxed this day and was focused on getting her work done. She had another mid-term the next day. She left the Crossgates Mall at 9:20pm, boarding a bus to drop her off on campus at 9:45. A witness saw Suzanne exiting the bus that night, but she was never seen again.

Over the next twenty years, investigators have struggled to solve her bizarre disappearance with little evidence and even less witnesses. Everyone in her life would become a suspect with many zeroing in on her long time boyfriend, Richard Condon. In the wake of her disappearance, her broken family found a way to fight through and developed a non profit charity designed to help the families of missing persons. They have also helped usher in several laws which change the way Universities handle violent crimes and disappearances.

The one question on everyone's mind is, what happened to Suzanne Lyall? Did she elect to run away and start a new life? Does her boyfriend Richard know more than he is telling police? Or could Suzanne have been the victim of a random act of violence for which an unknown killer has evaded justice for more than twenty years? Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this bizarre and frustrating case, asking the question: What happened to Suzanne Lyall?

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