Episode 029 - The Disappearance of Teresa Lynn Butler


Thirty-five year old wife and mother of two, Teresa Lynn Butler spent the evening of January 24th, 2006 with her sister-in-law. She went home that night to put her two and four year old sons to bed, received a call at approximately 10pm and seemingly vanished into thin air.

When her husband, Dale, arrived home the next morning, he found his wife missing and his young sons fending for themselves. Items were missing from the home, and Teresa's jeep which was still parked in the driveway was missing its stereo. Investigators found the entire case perplexing as there were no signs of forced entry, nor any signs of a struggle. In the home, authorities would later find foreign DNA, though they have never confirmed where or in what form. A key was also found broken off in one of the homes door locks, and the light bulb on the front porch had been unscrewed.

During the course of the investigation, no trace of Teresa was ever found and there were two cryptic, early morning phone calls made from her cell phone to individuals she did not know. Her wedding ring was later found beneath the couch, something her husband says she never took off. A year and a half later, a man would come forward stating that he had been offered one of the stolen items in exchange for some drugs less than twenty-four hours after Teresa disappeared.

What happened to Teresa Lynn Butler? Was she the victim of a home invasion turned abduction? Does her husband know more than he is telling? Did a vindictive ex-wife choose to lash out against her replacement or did Teresa choose to run off and leave her life behind? Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines this complex and confusing disappearance in hopes of finding some answers in a case devoid of hard evidence and rampant with speculation.

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