Episode 009 - The Disappearance of the Fort Worth Three


Seventeen year old Rachel Trlica of Fort Worth, Texas, wanted to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Her best friend, fourteen year old Renee Wilson went with her, and nine year old Julie Ann Moseley, a friend of Renee's, tagged along. On December 23rd, 1974, the three girls made their trip to the mall and never returned, disappearing into thin air.

The girls would famously become known as The Fort Worth Three. The next day, a letter would arrive allegedly written by Rachel, claiming that the girls has taken a week long trip to Houston. Strangely, the letter doesn't match Rachel's handwriting, and no one believes she is the one who wrote it. Over the next forty years, multiple theories and suspects would be considering, including Rachel's own sister, Debra. Rachel's brother, Rusty, would devote his life to finding his sister and through a series of twists and turns, would turn against Debra.

Several serial killers and rapists were in Texas at the time, and many believe one of them was responsible. Rumors of a security guard being seen with the girls have led to a belief that they were abducted by someone pretending to have their safety in mind. Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this case, and studies the unanswerable question: What happened to the Fort Worth Three?

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