Episode 043 - The Bizarre Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa

Bryce Laspisa Trace Evidence

Bryce Laspisa was the average American college student. He was bright, charming and liked to have fun at every possible time. During the Summer of 2013, he stayed at home with his parents, eagerly anticipating his return to Sierra College, in Rocklin, California.

Within two weeks of his return, in August of 2013, Bryce's friends and girlfriend were growing concerned about his drinking and odd behavior. Over the course of a three day period Bryce would give away valuable items, break up with his girlfriend and embark on a mysterious drive into desolate area of California. On the night of August 29th, after sitting in Buttonwillow for nearly thirteen hours, he began his drive home to Laguna Niguel where his worried parents waited.

Just after 2am, Bryce called home to say he was going to stop and rest. Just three hours later, his SUV would be found flipped on its side and Bryce was nowhere to be found. Nearly five years later and the circumstances surrounding Bryce's disappearance continue to confuse and confound his family, investigators and everyone who examines his case. What happened to Bryce Laspisa? Did he choose to run away from his life and start a new? Is it possible that he was suicidal? Did the combination of alcohol and drug use result in an altered state of consciousness? Could a head injury have left him without his memory, or, did Bryce become the victim of a random act of violence?

Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this disturbing and tragic story, which many have described, as the male version of Maura Murray.

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