Episode 030 - The Disappearance of Unique Harris


In October of 2010, twenty-four year old, single mother of two, Unique Harris was having a movie marathon sleepover with her sons and young cousin. After putting the children to bed, sometime between 10pm and 9am, Unique vanished from her apartment. When the children awoke the next morning they were scared because Unique was gone. Her family wasn't overly concerned until they discovered her glasses had been left behind, glasses which Unique couldn't go anywhere without.

Days after her disappearance, Unique's mother Valencia told a reporter that in the weeks leading up to her vanishing, Unique witnessed a murder in the parking lot across from her apartment complex. This statement has fueled rampant rumors that Unique was murdered by the same person, though this has never been proven and even the murder is debated. In a case full of contradictory evidence and strange details, the mystery has only deepened over the years. Her family remains devastated by her loss and hopes one day to answer the question of where she is.

So what happened to Unique Harris? Did she simply choose to run off and leave her life behind? Did she see something she shouldn’t have and ultimately became a target for a killer? Was she victimized in a random act of violence? Or, did someone Unique knew and trusted use her kind hearted nature against her and abduct and murder this beautiful young mother?

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