Episode 071 - The Horrifying Murder of Paula Sladewski

Paula Sladewski Trace Evidence

Twenty-six year old Paula Sladewski was making plans. After several attempts at a modeling career, leading to some success, she wanted to get back in the game and see what could happen. She hoped to start moving on her plan after she returned from her New Years Eve trip, but unfortunately, Paula would never make it back.

Along with her boyfriend, Kevin, Paula flew to Miami, Florida to see a New Year's Eve concert, after which the couple planned to spend a few days on south beach before heading home. They'd had their problems in the past, but somehow, the couple had always found their way through it. The concert went well, and things were moving smoothly until the morning of January 3rd, 2010.

Paula and Kevin attended Club Space, a nightlife hotspot in North Miami. After a few hours of drinking and dancing, Kevin tried to get Paula to leave but she wanted to stay. Kevin was ultimately thrown out of the club and took a cab back to their hotel room. Paula exited shortly after, was engaged in conversation by a man and disappeared.

When Kevin awoke and found Paula missing, he began trying to find her, spoke to police and even hired a private investigator. Police didn't seem overly concerned about a young woman who had been missing for only a few hours. When Sunday night came, police had their hands full with a terrible crime scene: someone had been placed in a dumpster and burned so severely that the individual was completely unrecognizable.

While police tried to solve their murder case, and Kevin tried to locate Paula, neither side knew that they were working on the same case.

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