Episode 034 - The Murder of Dana Bradley

Trace Evidence Dana Bradley

Fourteen year old Dana Bradley has gone to a friends house after school on December 14th, 1981 in St. John's, Newfoundland. She couldn't stay for too long, as it was her mother's birthday that night and she needed to get home. She planned to walk to a nearby bus stop and arrive home by 5:30pm.

When 5:30 came and went, and Dana hadn't returned home, her mother and stepfather became concerned and began making calls. When they could find no sign of Dana, they reported her missing. Search efforts for Dana came up empty, though two witnesses came forward and reported seeing Dana hitchhiking the day before and ultimately getting in to a sedan, either a Dodge or a Plymouth, with extensive body damage and rust.

Four days later, Dana's body was discovered in a remote, wooded location known as Maddox Cove. For the next thirty-six years, the search for Dana's murderer would lead investigators through thousands of interviews, hundreds of suspects and nearly one thousand vehicle searches. One man would come forward and confess to committing the murder, though he would later recant and no evidence could be found to prove it. Another man would come forward and say he witnessed the murder, though his story was inconsistent and contrary to evidence.

Many theories have risen up in the past three and a half decades, resulting in one of the most complex, expensive and complicated cases in the history of Canada. Who murdered Dana Bradley? Was it the man who once confessed to the crime? Did she fall victim to a suspected serial killer? Was a witness present who saw her murdered by a later convicted pedophile? Could it have been a stranger passing through and looking for trouble? Or is it possible that Dana was murdered by someone she knew and trusted?

Join host Steven Pacheco as he attempts to unravel what has been dubbed the most expensive and exhaustive investigation in Canadian history in Episode 34 - The Murder of Dana Bradley.

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