Episode 074 - The Murder of David Cox

David Cox Trace Evidence

Twenty-seven year old David Cox had served four years in the Marine Corps and was now living with his girlfriend back in his home state of Massachusetts. While the transition had been a struggle, things were beginning to look up.

The release of the film "A Few Good Men" impacted David strongly as it was closely based on an incident in which he had been involved during his time as a Marine stationed at Guantanamo Bay. David was angry, feeling that he and his fellow Marines had been mis-represented and depicted as murderers.

On the morning of January 5th, David was eagerly awaiting a call about a job. When his girlfriend called home at noon, there was no answer. She called again an hour later, but again there was no answer. Upon arriving home she found David gone, his keys in the ignition of his truck and no sign or indication of where he could have went.

For three months David was missing until a man canoeing down the Charles River discovered his remains. He had been shot four times and left in the wilderness, more than half a mile from the nearest road. Twenty-five years later and question still remains: Who murdered David Cox?

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