Episode 060 - The Murder of Karina Holmer

Karina Holmer Trace Evidence

Twenty year old Karina Holmer wanted to see more of the world beyond her Swedish home town.  In the Spring of 1996, she decided to go to America, working as an Au Pair for a well to do family in the Boston suburb of Dover.  At first, everything was going great, but soon problems began to rear their head.In letters home, the young woman went from positive and excited to negative and eventually, frightened.  Karina promised to explain it all when she got home, but unfortunately, she would not return home alive or in one piece.

In a case which has become the Boston Black Dahlia case, the young nanny was found murdered in a dumpster not far from the club she was last seen dancing at.  Her dismembered remains were discovered by a homeless man, kicking off a massive investigation in which everyone was a suspect. Despite all of the media attention at the time, this terrible incident has been mostly forgotten over time, and Karina herself has become a name most no longer recall.

Join host Steven Pacheco as he examined this disturbing and gruesome crime, going over all of the known evidence and suspects in episode sixty - The Murder of Karina Holmer.

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