Episode 025 - The Murder of Terri 'Missy' Bevers

Missy Bevers Trace Evidence

Terri Bevers, better known as Missy, dedicated her life to helping others. She was a follower of God, a believer in charity and caring for those who couldn’t care for themselves. She met Brandon, the man who would become her husband. Renewed by this love, and driven to contribute as she always dreamed, Missy went back to school and received a teaching certificate, taking a job working as a special education instructor.

Missy was popular, a beautiful woman in great shape with a far reaching social media presence. On the morning of April 18th, 2016, Missy was scheduled to conduct a fitness class at Creekside Church in Midloathian, Texas. The weather report called for rain, but Missy was determined and posted on Facebook that the workout was going forward, regardless of the weather. She went to bed early, her class was at 5am and she needed to arrive early to set up for it. She arrived at the church at 4:20am, but what she didn’t know is that someone was inside, waiting for her.

At five am, when members of her class arrived, they found Missy unconscious and unresponsive. She was bleeding from multiple puncture wounds to her head and chest, the victim of a vicious and violent assault. EMT’s arrived, but it was too late to save her and Police immediately began investigating. They were able to review the churches security cameras and what they saw was as baffling as it was frustrating.

At approximately 3:50am, an unknown assailant had broken into the church by busting out the glass in a side door. The suspect was dressed in complete SWAT gear, all black, with a vest and a helmet. The bulk of the tactical gear combined with the helmet made identification impossible, and even went so far as to conceal the probable gender. All police were able to determine was that the killer had entered the church, carrying a hammer or a mallet, broken several windows inside and opened various doors before moving in the direction of the entrance Missy Bevers would later use. The suspect appeared to have a foot or leg injury impeding his or her walk, and police believe that the walk suggests a female more than a male, but they cannot confirm this.

Further investigation revealed a car in the area just hours before the crime was committed, but despite their pleas for information, neither the driver nor the car has ever been located. A year later, and the case remains as confusing and tragic as it was the day Missy’s body was discovered. Who would murder this beautiful, giving and doting mother of three? Could it have been a jealous husband looking for revenge? Did her own father-in-law choose to stand up for a wrong he felt was committed against his son and things went too far? Was Missy a victim of circumstance who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Was this a professional hit, paid for by someone who had wanted revenge or did Missy fall victim to the wife of a man she may have been conducting a secret relationship with?

Join host Steven Pacheco as he attempts to navigate the convoluted and complex story of this horrifying and mystifying case of unsolved murder.

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