Episode 084 - The Murder of Tracey Lynn Kirkpatrick

Tracey Lynn Kirkpatrick Trace Evidence

On March 15th, 1989, seventeen year old Tracey Lynn Kirkpatrick went to work in Frederick, Maryland. The high school senior was focused on saving money to contribute to her college fund, and liked the independence working afforded her. Sadly, Tracey would never return home.

At approximately 10:50pm, a security guard working at the mall in which she was employed made a grisly discovery. Tracey had been stabbed to death by an unknown assailant and there were no suspects. Her family was devastated but hopeful that the culprit would be brought to justice.

Three months later, an anonymous caller told a haunting story about his involvement in Tracey's murder. Investigation into the caller would unveil a bizarre story which some believe, and others chalk up to a cruel prank.

Thirty years later and Tracey's case remains unsolved. The suspect list is slim, rumors are rampant and there are even some who believe the entire investigation was purposefully botched to cover up for the son of a well known member of the community.

Who murdered Tracey Lynn Kirkpatrick and will he ever face Justice?

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