Episode 012 - The Strange Murder of Robert Wone


On August 2nd, 2006, thirty-two year old Robert Wone kissed his wife goodbye for the last time, and went to work for the day. He would spent his evening at a Continuing Law Education course, and then wanted to meet his overnight staff at Radio Free Asia where he’d recently begun working.

Rather than taking the train home that night with his wife, as was his normal routine, he had made arrangements to stay with his friend, Joseph Price, in his Townhouse in Washington DC. Shortly after his arrival at Price’s home, everything becomes a puzzling tale of confusion and contradictions.

Robert Wone is stabbed to death sometime between his 10:32 arrival and the 11:49 call to 911. Emergency Medical Technicians are disturbed by the scene they find, and the behavior of Joseph Price, his domestic partner Victor Zeborsky and their sometimes lover and roommate Dylan Ward. The bloody knife found in the room doesn’t match the stab wounds, drafted emails on Wone’s blackberry don’t make sense and the story of a home invader isn’t supported by the evidence.

In an event where details are copious and evidence points one way, the witnesses statements contradict the conclusions of police. While the three men believe Robert was murdered by a stranger, Police are convinced they know more than they are saying. Accusations of sexual assault and sadomasochistic domination cloud an already blurry vision of the evening. Who murdered Robert Wone, and for what reason?

Join host Steven Pacheco as he investigates this strange case of murder and searches for the answers.

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