Episode 015 - The Unexplained Death of Andrew Sadek


Twenty year old Andrew Sadek mysteriously vanished six months after becoming a confidential informant for the Richland County Sheriff's Department, in North Dakota. He was last seen on surveillance cameras leaving his dorm room at 2am on May 1st, 2014. While his family approached it as a case of possible abduction and foul play, authorities treated it more as a man fleeing from legal ramifications.

A bitter debate would erupt between Andrew's family and the Sheriff's Department coming to a head when nearly two months later, on June 27th, Andrew's body was recovered from the Red River just across the state line in Minnesota. He had been killed by a small caliber gunshot wound to the head and while Andrew's family believed he was murdered, others have suggested that Andrew may have committed suicide.

Strangely, Andrew was not wearing the same clothing he was last seen in and his backpack was filled with rocks and tied to his body. Was this an attempt by a killer to weigh him down, or did Andrew not want his body to be recovered? Questions abound in this strange case, with several twists and turns. Ultimately, a law would be changed and a wrongful death lawsuit is currently being argued in court.

Was Andrew murdered in a robbery gone wrong? Did someone he informed on find out the truth and kill him for revenge? Or did Andrew become overwhelmed by the intense pressure and choose to end his life? Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines the details of this tragic story and tries to follow all of the twists and turns in the Unexplained Death of Andrew Sadek.

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