Episode 082 - The Vanishing of Andrew Gosden

Andrew Gosden Trace Evidence

On September 14th, 2007, fourteen year old Andrew Gosden pretended to go to school, waited for his parents to leave and then snuck back in. He packed a few items, changed his clothes, pulled all the money he could from an ATM and hopped on a train to London. By the time his family knew he was gone he’d been missing for hours.

When it was discovered that Andrew had gone to London, no one could imagine why. The brilliant math student with perfect attendance had suddenly broken away from his normal life and disappeared into the busy streets. For twelve years now his family and investigators have had two questions: Why did Andrew leave and where did he end up?

In a case that has captured the attention of millions, and a teenager whose face has been seen coast to coast across the UK and the world at large, so many questions remain and so few answers have been found.

What happened to Andrew Gosden, why did he leave and is it possible he's still out there somewhere?

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