Episode 073 - The Vanishing of Deanne Hastings

Deanne Hastings Trace Evidence

                Thirty-five year old Deanne Hastings was putting her life back together.  After a long battle with bi-polar disorder, a divorce and treatment at an in-patience facility, she was finally coming out of the darkness.  Engaged to a man who made her smile, connecting with her son and making plans for the future, everything seemed to be exactly as she wanted it.

                On November 3rd, 2015, Deanne completed her first day of cosmetology school, came home, hung out with her son’s girlfriend and talked about how excited she was.  Later, she scribbled a note to her fiancé, left to go to a nearby store and never returned.  When her fiancé returned home to find her absent, at first he thought nothing of it, but as hours began passing, his concern grew.

                Tracking her cell phone down using GPS, Mike Tibbets found Deanne’s vehicle parked in a rough part of town, across the street from a concert venue.  To his surprise, when he called Deanne’s phone, he could hear it ringing inside.  This set off alarm bells and soon, Mike, Deanne’s family and the Spokane Police Department were involved.

                The investigation would raise many questions about Deanne’s state of mind at the time of her disappearance, and about several individuals seen in her company, one of whom would later be found using Deanne’s credit card.  These sightings of Deanne would be the last, and according to the stories of the last people seen with her, Deanne was left on a hillside, just 300 yards from her home.  The story just wasn’t making sense.

                What happened to Deanne Hastings?  Did she find herself once again suffering from a mental health issue which disoriented her or did someone take advantage of the young mother and is now concealing the terrible truth?

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