Episode 068 - The Vanishing of Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh Trace Evidence

Thirty-six year old Susan Walsh wanted, more than anything, to be a journalist. She'd put herself through college by dancing in bars and adult clubs. It had been a rough road, and Susan struggled with addiction but when she got married and had her son, everything changed.

Working alongside an acclaimed journalist, Susan was finally getting into the world she wished to explore. Assisting in the writing of an expose, and later a book, about sex workers, Susan operated as a spy, using her connections and infiltrating clubs. Unfortunately, this closeness to the scene slowly drew her back in and soon, she was off the wagon and dancing.

In July of 1996, Susan asked her now estranged husband, Mark, to watch their son David while she walked down the street to use a payphone. Susan was never seen again, and her disappearance launched an investigation that scoured Northern New Jersey and Manhattan. The list of possible suspects was endless from obsessed clients, stalking ex-boyfriends, Russian mafia associates and even so-called 'Vampires.'

What happened to Susan Walsh that hot summer day, and why for more than twenty-three years have the answers eluded authorities? Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines this heartbreaking and baffling case.

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View Jill Morley’s Documentary “STRIPPED” in which Susan took part.

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