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The Disappearance of Jamie Fraley


056 - The Disappearance of Jamie Fraley

Twenty-two year old Jamie Fraley was working hard to put her life on track.  After a life wrought with health issues as the result of complications are birth, she had gotten a slow start.  Unable to complete high school, or obtain a driver's license, she struggled to strike out on her own and put a future together.

In 2006, everything changed when she moved out on her own, met the man of her dreams and entered a GED program.  She had recently tried to help a friend overcome a drug addiction, and this awoke in her a desire to help others.  She wanted to attend college and pursue a career in drug counseling.  

Her life took a heavy blow when her fiancee was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for larceny, but Jamie remained devoted and determined to marry him when he was released.  In the meantime, she developed a close bond with her soon to be father-in-law who lived in an apartment just two doors down from her.  Unfortunately, as time moved on, her future in-law became obsessive about her and began making inappropriate comments and advances.

Jamie thought she had the situation under control, but friends were growing concerned.  In April of 2008, just a few weeks before her fiancee was to be released from prison, Jamie came down with a nasty flu.  On April 8th, she visited the hospital two times in search of assistance.  Then, at midnight, she arranged for someone to give her a ride back to the emergency room.  She was never seen again.

Accusations flew, and her future father-in-law became the prime suspect but a chaotic series of events would unfold involving the discovery of items in the woods, a body in the trunk of a car and the sudden dead end of the investigation.  What happened to Jamie Fraley and who was responsible for this mysterious disappearance?

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Trace Evidence is a true crime podcast that focuses on unsolved cases, from chilling murders to mysterious disappearances. Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines each case, diving deep into the evidence and exploring the theories which revolve around them. For each unsolved case, there are the victims and their families, who want answers and the abductors and murders who hide the truth.

“To the living we owe respect, but to the dead we owe only truth.”  – Voltaire

Trace Evidence has been the recipient of multiple accolades, including being listed by Oxygen.com as one of the "7 True Crime Podcasts You Should Listen to Right Away" as well as  being recognized by WhatPods.com as one of their "Best True Crime Podcasts."  Most recently, Women.com listed Trace Evidence #3 on their list of the "27 Best True Crime Podcasts."  In "Ad Large Strike Killer Deal," an article written by Radio Ink Magazine about the new True Crime Network, Murder.ly, Trace Evidence was pointed out as one of the top titles in their collective.  PodcastManiac listed Trace Evidence as one of the "Top 5 True Crime Podcasts I Subscribe To."


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