Want to contribute but don't want to join Patreon?

A lot of listeners have contacted me wanting to donate to the podcast, but they don't want to join Patreon.  Whether it be the monthly recurring payment, the idea of having their financial information on another site or they plain just don't like Patreon.  In order to accommodate anyone that wishes to help out, I've created this easy to use Paypal donation button.

You can donate any amount you want, and even make it recurring if you so choose.  So if you'd like to help out with the podcast, please feel free to donate via Paypal with the button below.  All paypal donations are kept anonymous, but if you'd like to be recognized in my monthly donation reads simply drop me an email and let me know:

I am deeply grateful for all donations and the podcast is made possible by generous donators such as you.  The podcast can be a costly venture but thanks to the generosity of amazing listeners it doesn't carry such a heavy weight.

Himalaya Plus

There is another way in which you can help support the show, while also gaining access to bonus episodes and exclusive content and that’s via the Himalaya App. Himalaya is a podcast listening app where you can subscribe and listen to all of your favorite shows, including Trace Evidence. With Himalaya Plus, you can sign up for $3.99 per month. For more information and to check out Trace Evidence on Himalaya, visit: