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001 - The Mysterious Death of Kurt Sova

Five days after he is reported missing, the body of seventeen year old Kurt Sova is found in a ravine not far from his home. Baffled, police rules his death to be of natural causes. Three months later, the body of thirteen year old Eugene Kvet is found just a few miles from where Kurt's body had been located. In a strange twist, neither boy's right shoe is ever recovered. Was this mere coincidence or does it indicate a connection between their deaths?

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002 - The Disappearance of Tara Calico

Nineteen year old Tara Calico disappeared during her daily bike ride. Despite search efforts, she couldn't be located. Nine months later, a chilling photo appeared suggesting that Tara was being held captive.

Debate about whether or not the image depicted Tara led to an FBI analysis, and a local investigator began to track down details suggesting a hit and run leading to an abduction.

Over the next twenty years, speculation abounded and the mystery of Tara Calico became even more complex and frightening. Was it an abduction, murder, or something more? What happened to Tara Calico?

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003 - The Vanishing of Lauren Spierer

In the early morning hours of June 3rd, 2011, twenty year old Indiana University sophomore Lauren Spierer vanished without a trace after a night out with friends. In the aftermath of Lauren's disappearance, everyone becomes a suspect; her friends, her boyfriend and yet unknown figures.

Three years later, Indiana University student Hannah Wilson goes missing and is later found murdered. The similarities between the murder of Hannah Wilson and the disappearance of Lauren Spierer are startling. Did Lauren meet the same fate at the hands of the same man, or was it the man seen driving the white truck the night Lauren vanished? Or, perhaps, one of Lauren's friends knows more than he is saying.

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004 - Rico Harris: Into Thin Air

On October 9th, 2014, 37 year old Rico Harris began a 1,000 drive from Alhambra, California to Seattle, Washington. Rico was moving in with his Fiancee and it was a major step in a new life away from the demons of his past. In the early morning hours, Rico sent a last text message and mysteriously vanished.

Two days later his car was found in the Lower Site parking lot of Cache Creek in Yolo County California. The investigation to discover what happened to Rico will uncover multiple pieces of evidence showing Rico's presence in the area, and possibly his disoriented state of mind but opinions and theories will fall on opposite sides, with investigators believing one way, and Rico's family firmly believing the other.

Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this baffling disappearance.

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005 - The Murder of Suzanne Jovin

21 year old Suzanne Jovin was attending prestigious Yale University when she was murdered on the night of December 4th, 1998. An investigation full of mistakes resulted in an innocent man being accused, and the unknown killer escaping into the night. Theories would arise about Police involvement in the crime, an international terrorist organization seeking to silence a critic and a former Yale student with an obsession. Join host Steven Pacheco as he examines the details of the case, and considers each theory all while asking; Who murdered Suzanne Jovin?

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006 - Dorothy Scott and Jesse Ross

32 year old Dorothy Scott was a single mother, working in Stanton California in 1980. A mysterious caller began harassing Dorothy, stalking and threatening her. During a trip to the hospital to help a sick friend, Dorothy went to retrieve her car from the parking lot and never returned. For four years the phone calls continued, to her parents, until her skeletal remains were discovered. Who was the caller, and why did he target Dorothy?

Then Jesse Ross was a college sophomore and budding radio personality. During a college trip to Chicago for a Mock United Nations Conference, Jesse exited the meeting at 2:30am for a break. Hotel security cameras captured Jesse walking toward the Hotel entrance, but this is the last time Jesse Ross was ever seen. What happened to Jesse Ross, and why has his mysterious disappearance received so little coverage in the media? Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores these cases and examines the details.

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007 - The Suspicious Disappearance of Sky Metalwala

On the morning of November 6th, 2011, Julia Biryukova placed her daughter, Maile, and her sick son Sky Metalwala into her car, taking Sky to the hospital. Along the way, Julia runs out of gas, and leaves her two year old son in the vehicle while she goes for help. When she returns, one hour later, Sky has disappeared and as police investigate, Julia's story begins falling apart.

Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores the details of the case and asks the haunting question: Where is Sky Metalwala and what does his mother know?

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008 - The Bible John Murders

From 1968 to 1969 in Glasgow, Scotland, a brutal rapist and murderer committed a series of attacks from February of 68 to October of 69. Then, just as quickly as he would strike, the killer vanished. When all was said and done, the mysterious killer took the lives of three women: Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald and Helen Puttock. All three women were beaten, raped and strangled with their own stockings and the similarities do not end there.

The press dubbed the killer "Bible John" since he was said to have quoted the Bible. Over the years, many suspects would be questioned, and theories would rise to prominence. Nearly fifty years later, and the true identity of Bible John cannot be known for sure.

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009 - The Disappearance of the Fort Worth Three

Seventeen year old Rachel Trlica of Fort Worth, Texas, wanted to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Her best friend, fourteen year old Renee Wilson went with her, and nine year old Julie Ann Moseley, a friend of Renee's, tagged along. On December 23rd, 1974, the three girls made their trip to the mall and never returned, disappearing into thin air. The girls would famously become known as The Fort Worth Three.

Over the next forty years, multiple theories and suspects would be considering, including Rachel's own sister, Debra. Rachel's brother, Rusty, would devote his life to finding his sister.

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010 - The Bizarre Murder of Arlis Perry

Nineteen year old newlywed Arlis Perry got into a spat with her husband while on a walk. She decided to go on alone to Stanford Memorial Church to calm down and pray. She would never come back. At 5:45am a security guard would find her body inside the church, murdered with an ice pick and posed in a lewd and sacrilegious position.

Her murder would become the subject of theories about the occult and satanism. Some would link her death to the Son of Sam, the Zodiac Killer and a satanic organization known as the Process Church of the Final Judgment. Despite these theories, the true identity of the man who murdered Arlis was unknown. Witnesses would come forward to describe a man with sandy hair seen entering the church that night, a man whose description matches that of a man seen arguing with Arlis at her job the day before she was murdered. Join host Steven Pacheco as he explores this case, and studies the unanswerable question: Who murdered and posed Arlis Perry?


On June 26th, 2018, Deputies of the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department went to execute a search warrant on Stephen Blake Crawford, the security guard who had discovered Arlis' body. Crawford committed suicide before the search could be conducted.

Sheriff Laurie Smith later announced a new round of DNA tests confirmed that Crawford was the man responsible for Arlis' murder.

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011 - The Vanishing of Asha Degree

On the morning of February 14th, 2000, Asha Degree's parents awoke to find their nine year old daughter missing. Extensive investigation showed that Asha had packed her backpack, and left the home between the hours of 2:30am and 4:00am. Several passing motorists spotted Asha on the side of rural Highway 18, just a mile from her house, shortly after 4am. In the days of searching following her disappearance, Police discovered several personal items and candy wrappers, but no sign of Asha.

Eighteen months later, Asha's backpack was found buried and double wrapped in garbage bags some 26 miles north of the last place she was seen. For seventeen years, the mystery of Asha Degree has haunted her family, and the suburb of Shelby, North Carolina. Did Asha choose to run away, never to return? Did she fall victim to foul play during her travels? Was she lured out of her home by a friend who later betrayed her? Did a passing driver hit Asha and choose to dispose of her body?

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012 - The Strange Murder of Robert Wone

On August 2nd, 2006, thirty-two year old Robert Wone kissed his wife goodbye for the last time, and went to work for the day. He would spent his evening at a Continuing Law Education course, and then wanted to meet his overnight staff at Radio Free Asia where he’d recently begun working. Rather than taking the train home that night with his wife, as was his normal routine, he had made arrangements to stay with his friend, Joseph Price, in his Townhouse in Washington DC.

Shortly after his arrival at Price’s home, everything becomes a puzzling tale of confusion and contradictions. Robert Wone is stabbed to death sometime between his 10:32 arrival and the 11:49 call to 911. Emergency Medical Technicians are disturbed by the scene they find, and the behavior of Joseph Price, his domestic partner Victor Zeborsky and their sometimes lover and roommate Dylan Ward. The bloody knife found in the room doesn’t match the stab wounds, drafted emails on Wone’s blackberry don’t make sense and the story of a home invader isn’t supported by the evidence. In an event where details are copious and evidence points one way, the witnesses statements contradict the conclusions of police.

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013 - The Vanishing of Kyle Fleischmann

Twenty-Four year old Kyle Fleischmann took his mother, sister and best friend to a Dane Cook comedy show in Charlotte, NC. In the early morning hours of November 9th, 2007, he vanished into the darkness of the city. Several witnesses see Kyle that night, and Kyle himself places several short phone calls to his father, sister, best friend and roommate but leaves no messages. A surveillance camera captures him walking down the street, away from the Buckhead Saloon where he had spent the past few hours.

An hour later, a cab driver claims to see Kyle wandering down North Davidson Street, toward Cordelia Park, in a bad part of Charlotte known to be inhabited by drug dealers and members of the violent MS-13 gang. The next morning, Kyle is reported missing and over the past ten years, no answers nor signs of Kyle have been found. Tracking dogs follow his scent to a then undeveloped construction site, leading many to believe that Kyle was murdered and buried where apartment complexes now stand.

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014 - The Disappearance of the Beaumont Children

Nine year old Jane Beaumont was tasked with looking after her siblings, seven year old Arnna and four year old Grant on a day trip to the beach. The children were in the middle of their summer break, and on January 26th, 1966, while much of the country was celebrating Australia Day, Jim Beaumont had a business meeting so his wife Nancy allowed the children to take the five minute bus ride down to Glenegl beach. They had gone many times before, and had even visited the previous day. On this day, though, while the rest of the country was enjoying the holiday, it would become a nightmare for the Beaumont family.

The children failed to return home on the 12pm bus as their mother had told them, and when they weren’t on the 2pm or 3pm buses, Nancy Beaumont was frantic. When Jim arrived home from work, the two began searching, but when they failed to find any trace of their children, they contacted the police who would launch the largest search effort in Australian history to that time. Witnesses would come forward to report sighting of the children in the company of an unidentified man in the hours and minutes before they vanished. Over the past fifty-one years, multiple theories have developed and a list of suspects has slowly grown.

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015 - The Unexplained Death of Andrew Sadek

Twenty year old Andrew Sadek mysteriously vanished six months after becoming a confidential informant for the Richland County Sheriff's Department, in North Dakota. He was last seen on surveillance cameras leaving his dorm room at 2am on May 1st, 2014. While his family approached it as a case of possible abduction and foul play, authorities treated it more as a man fleeing from legal ramifications. A bitter debate would erupt between Andrew's family and the Sheriff's Department coming to a head when nearly two months later, on June 27th, Andrew's body was recovered from the Red River just across the state line in Minnesota.

He had been killed by a small caliber gunshot wound to the head and while Andrew's family believed he was murdered, others have suggested that Andrew may have committed suicide. Strangely, Andrew was not wearing the same clothing he was last seen in and his backpack was filled with rocks and tied to his body. Was this an attempt by a killer to weigh him down, or did Andrew not want his body to be recovered? Questions abound in this strange case, with several twists and turns.

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016 - The Shocking Murder of Candace Hiltz

Candace Hiltz was a seventeen year old single mother, a junior at Brigham Young University and a newly accepted student to be at Stanford Law School. She dreamed of becoming a Supreme Court Justice. She had a brilliant level of intelligence, a ferociously protective personality and a great affinity for the law. All of that was destroyed when she was brutally murdered. Her family sought answers, but ultimately discovered that the men charged with solving her murder may have in fact been involved in it.

The Hiltz family and the Fremont County Sheriff’s Department engaged in a rather public exchange of contradictory statements. Candace’s autopsy showed she had been shot by two to three different weapons and at least two assailants as several shots were projected into her front and back simultaneously. However, there were several errors and contradictions in the report. Then, out of nowhere, a man who purchased an abandoned storage unit discovered vital pieces of evidence related to the murder which had been stolen from evidence and kept there but the Deputy who ran the entire investigation, the very one who had that altercation with Candace.

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017 - The Disappearance of Brandon Lawson

On August 8th, 2013, twenty-six year old Brandon Lawson got into an argument with his longtime girlfriend, Ladessa Lofton. Frustrated and wanting some time to cool off, he placed a call to his father over three hours away in Crowley, Texas and asked to spend the night. His father tried to talk him out of it, but at 11:54pm, Brandon began his drive. Forty miles later, he ran out of gas and called his brother Kyle for help. What transpired in the next thirty minutes is unknown, but when his brother arrived, Brandon was nowhere to be found. After searching for hours, there were no traces of Brandon.

The family would later learn that shortly after calling his brother, Brandon made a call to 911. In the call, Brandon is clearly frantic and talking fast. The interpretation of what he said would become hotly debated among the family, police and online investigators. The Coke County Sheriff’s Department was hesitant to treat it as a missing person’s case, and instead approached it from the perspective that Brandon has chosen to run off to avoid a warrant that had been issued for his arrest some eight years earlier. While the family searched exhaustively, believing that Brandon would never abandon his four children, authorities wouldn’t begin their first search until a week later. A controversy of police disinterest or of a possible cover up begins developing.

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018 - The Murder of Garrett Phillips

Twelve year old Garrett Phillips walked the five blocks home from school during the early evening hours of October 24th, 2011. Shortly after arriving at the second floor apartment where he lived with his mother and half-brother, an unknown assailant attacked and strangled him. Though Garrett survived the initial attack, he would pass away two hours later at Canton-Potsdam Hospital. Almost immediately, police zeroed in on a single suspect: Oral “Nick” Hillary, Garrett’s mother, Tandy Cyrus’ ex-boyfriend.

Despite the possibility of other suspects, and no physical evidence tying Hillary to the crime, he would remain the prime suspect for several years until a new, upstart candidate won the position of St. Lawrence County District Attorney and indicted him on charges of second degree murder. The town became split, with many believing Hillary was guilty, and others standing by his side and arguing that one of Tandy’s other ex-boyfriends may have been responsible: Sheriff’s Deputy John Jones.

Fingerprints and DNA evidence were recovered from the scene of the crime, and police theorize that the killer gained entry to the apartment and escaped via a second floor window, dropping twenty feet down to the pavement. Both Jones and Hillary had previously possessed keys to the apartment, and both had difficult breakups with Tandy. After a two week trial, Hillary was acquitted on all charges in 2016 due to a lack of evidence. All of these years later, and many still believe Hillary is guilty, regardless of being found innocent, while others feel the police railroaded Hillary to cover-up for one of their own. Five years after this monstrous crime, and there have been no answers nor justice found for Garrett Phillips.

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019 - The Vanishing of Brianna Maitland

Brianna Maitland was a smart, independent seventeen year old woman working two jobs and sharing an apartment with a childhood friend. She had dreams of moving out of rural Vermont and experiencing the exciting life of a big city while pursuing a beautiful future. She had some struggles, but had gotten her life together, acquired her GED and was ready for whatever the world had to throw her way.

Five weeks after the infamous disappearance of Maura Murray, on March 19th, 2004, Brianna would leave her night shift at the Black Lantern Inn and drive off into oblivion, never to be seen nor heard from again. Over the night, several witnesses spot her abandoned car, its headlights shining into the road while its rear bumper was smashed into a vacant farmhouse. There was no sign of Brianna and no one would know she was missing for days. During the investigation, more questions were raised than answered and even the police themselves come under fire for mistakes made early on in the case. Despite hundreds of volunteers, and police man hours, the mystery of what happened to Brianna Maitland remained unsolved. Then, in 2016, some twelve years after her disappearance, the Vermont State Police revealed that they were in possession of DNA recovered from the car which they believe belongs to the likely abductor and murderer.

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020 - The Abduction and Murder of Isabel Celis

Six year old Isabel Celis was tucked into bed shortly after her mother, Becky, braided her hair for her little league game the next day. Isabel's father, Sergio, fell asleep on the couch watching a baseball game, just a few feet from his daughter's bedroom door. When he went to wake her at 8am the next morning, she was nowhere to be found. Sergio placed a call to 911 to report his daughter missing, though this call, and Sergio himself, would become targets of great speculation later on.

Forensic examination of the house discovered strange clues, including blood stains. Searches of the neighborhood and surrounding areas came up empty. Police immediately determined it to be a case of child abduction, though they wouldn't specify if they believed a family member was involved. Despite Sergio's insistence that he did not know where his daughter was, many doubted his statements as well as those of an older cousin, Justin Mastromarino, who hired a lawyer and fled town shortly after Isabel vanished.

For five long years, Isabel's case was worked until, sadly, in March of 2017 her remains were discovered in rural Pima County. Police Chief Magnus wouldn't say much, but he did specify that it was not a random discovery. Many began to wonder who had led the police to her remains, and why no suspect had ever been officially listed.

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021 - The Abduction of Pearl Pinson

Fifteen year old Pearl Pinson was a sweet, funny girl who loved skateboarding with her brother. On the morning of May 25th, 2016, she packed her black and turquoise backpack and headed off for her routine walk to school. Shortly after she left her home, around 7am, Police received multiple 911 calls reporting an incident involving an armed man and a young woman taking place on the pedestrian overpass at Interstate 780. Witnesses reported seeing a latino man in a black hoodie and brandishing a firearm. The woman had dyed green hair, was bleeding from her mouth and was seen being shoved into the trunk of a gold, four door 1997 Saturn.

When police arrived on the scene they found blood on the concrete and a cell phone which they were able to match to Pearl Pinson. Due to conflicts in eyewitness statements, an Amber Alert couldn’t be issued for nearly 32 hours, by which time Pearl had completely vanished into thin air. When authorities caught up to her abductor, nineteen year old Fernando Castro, there was no trace of Pearl and before they could question Castro, he was fatally injured in a shootout with police. Castro died, and with him any information about why he abducted Pearl or where she could possibly be.

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022 - The Suspicious Death of George Reeves

George Reeves exploded into the American mainstream when he donned the red cape and blue tights playing Superman on the 1950's television series The Adventures of Superman. Almost instantly he became synonymous with the superhero as well as his alter ego, mild mannered Clark Kent. Off the screen, Reeve's life was much more complicated and hardly mild mannered. George had been engaged in a nearly ten year romance with Toni Mannix, wife of MGM executive Eddie Mannix known all around Hollywood was the kind of man whose bad side you didn't want to be on.

All of that changed in 1958, when Reeves left his older lover for the younger Leonore Lemmon, a New York socialite known for her fiery temper and enchanting looks. Their relationship was a tumultuous one, with Lemmon described as a heavy drinker with a mean temper and a controlling personality.

On the night of June 15th, 1959, George and Lemmon returned home late and went to bed. Several late night visitors came knocking around 1am, and an annoyed George expressed his disinterest in their company. He shared a nightcap with the group before going back upstairs to get some sleep. Moments later, a gunshot rang out and the Superman actor lay dead in his bed of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. For the LAPD, it was an open and shut case of suicide, but the evidence would suggest a much more sinister event had taken place.

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023 - The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth

Nineteen year old Faith Hedgepeth was a junior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in September of 2012. Born in Warren County North Carolina, she was a member of the Haliwa-Saponi Native American Tribe and dreamed of becoming a doctor and one day returning home to contribute to her community. On September 6th, she had a busy day of classes followed by rushing for a sorority and going to the library with her best friend and roommate, Karena Rosario.

After working on a project, she and Rosario went back to their apartment to change and then went out to a local bar, called the Thrill. In the early morning hours of September 7th, Faith and Rosario left the bar and went back to their apartment. A strange series of texts and phone calls began, and around 4am, Karena left in the company of another Chapel Hill student, leaving Faith home, allegedly asleep, with the apartment door unlocked. When Karena returned the next morning, she found a grisly scene. Faith had been brutally beaten to death, the room was covered in blood and her half-clothed body was left exposed.

Rosario called 911 and when police arrived, they immediately began investigating the homicide, discovering that Faith had also been sexually assaulted. Over the next five years, many suspects were questioned and had their DNA taken for comparrison. Rosario faded from the public eye, refusing to talk or conduct any interviews about the case, leading many to believe she may have more knowledge about the crime than she has stated. In addition to Rosario, her former roommate and ex-boyfriend Eriq Takoy Jones became a prime suspect considering his violent past and threats he had previously made against Faith. No one was above suspicion, and anyone who had spoken with Faith in the days and hours before her murder were considered possibilities.

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024 - The Disappearance of Brian Shaffer

Twenty-seven year old Brian Shaffer was a handsome, hard working man with a dream of living on a tropical island and being in a band. In the meantime, he was in his second year of med school, working hard toward a career that he didn't quite envision himself doing. He had a loving girlfriend, and a tight knit family that supported him. Sadly, his mother, Renee, passed away due to a rare form of cancer and while Brian was struggling to deal with the aftermath. He was drawn closer to his father, Randy and his brother, Derek, and as a family they supported one another through that difficult time.

As spring break 2006 approached, Brian made plans with his girlfriend to take a vacation to Miami, had dinner with his father and asked his brother to come out bar hopping along with his best friend, Clint Florence. Derek wasn't able to make is, so Brian and Clint went to downtown Columbus and started their evening at the Ugly Tuna Saloona, and then worked through many other bars. Around midnight, they ran into Meredith Reed, a friend of Clint's who offered them a ride back to the Ugly Tuna. Brian was seen on surveillance cameras at 1:55am, on April 1st, outside of the Ugly Tuna.

He walked back in, and when the bar close five minutes later, everyone filed out, including Clint and Meredith who had lost track of Brian. He was never seen again, and despite thorough investigation, police could find no evidence that he ever left the bar that night. Over the next few years, investigators worked every lead they had, but could come up with no viable evidence for where Brian could have went.

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025 - The Murder of Terri 'Missy' Bevers

Missy was popular, a beautiful woman in great shape with a far reaching social media presence. On the morning of April 18th, 2016, Missy was scheduled to conduct a fitness class at Creekside Church in Midloathian, Texas. The weather report called for rain, but Missy was determined and posted on Facebook that the workout was going forward, regardless of the weather. She went to bed early, her class was at 5am and she needed to arrive early to set up for it. She arrived at the church at 4:20am, but what she didn’t know is that someone was inside, waiting for her.

At five am, when members of her class arrived, they found Missy unconscious and unresponsive. She was bleeding from multiple puncture wounds to her head and chest, the victim of a vicious and violent assault. EMT’s arrived, but it was too late to save her and Police immediately began investigating. They were able to review the churches security cameras and what they saw was as baffling as it was frustrating. At approximately 3:50am, an unknown assailant had broken into the church by busting out the glass in a side door. The suspect was dressed in complete SWAT gear, all black, with a vest and a helmet. The bulk of the tactical gear combined with the helmet made identification impossible, and even went so far as to conceal the probable gender. All police were able to determine was that the killer had entered the church, carrying a hammer or a mallet, broken several windows inside and opened various doors before moving in the direction of the entrance Missy Bevers would later use.

The suspect appeared to have a foot or leg injury impeding his or her walk, and police believe that the walk suggests a female more than a male, but they cannot confirm this. Further investigation revealed a car in the area just hours before the crime was committed, but despite their pleas for information, neither the driver nor the car has ever been located. A year later, and the case remains as confusing and tragic as it was the day Missy’s body was discovered. Who would murder this beautiful, giving and doting mother of three?

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026 - The Disappearance of Leah Roberts

Twenty-Three year old Leah Roberts had lived a difficult life and suffered multiple tragedies. By the time she was twenty-two she had lost both of her parents and been involved in a near fatal car accident. Desperate for a way to deal with her grief, and in order to find herself and her true dreams, she embarked on a secret trip. On March 9th, 2000, she left her home in North Carolina, heading for Desolation Peak in Washington state. She was on the trail of her favorite author, Jack Kerouac, and though she had two older siblings and a close knit group of friends, she chose to tell no one.

Her sister, Kara, reported her missing on Monday, March 13th, and five days later received startling news. Leah's white jeep cherokee had been found in Whatcom County, WA. It was at the bottom of an embankment, smashed up and abandoned. Worse yet, there were no signs of Leah anywhere. A massive search was conducted, and an investigation launched but Leah was never found nor was any trace of her, outside of her jeep. Over the next seventeen years, Police would continue to be baffled and perplexed by this incredibly unusual disappearance.

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027 - The Murder of Kanika Powell

Kanika Powell was a brilliant twenty-eight year old woman living in Prince George County, Maryland. After a tour of service in the Army, she came out and began work as a security contractor. Much to her delight, she found work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland. After two years working as a contractor, she was hired on as a full time employee. Her work required a top secret classification and she was involved in securing projects related to National Security and in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security.

On Saturday, August 23rd, 2008, Kanika had a frightening experience where a man posing as an FBI agent had tried to gain access to her apartment. He knew her name, and approached her door, but Kanika was intelligent enough to not allow him inside. She later called the police to report the incident and sent out an email to family and friends telling them the strange story. Four days later, a different man showed up, claiming to have a package for her. Again she did not open the door. She called her mother about the second incident, took the day off from work and ran some errands. When she arrived back at her apartment at approximately 11:50am, someone was waiting in the hallway and shot her multiple times.

Kanika never regained consciousness and passed away as a result of her injuries the next day. Police were baffled by the seemingly motiveless crime and didn't have so much as a single suspect. Three months later, Sean Green, a thirty one year old man working in as an IT professional for a National Security contractor was shot nine times while sitting at a red light. The attack took place just twenty-five miles from where Kanika had been murdered, and the similarities didn't end there. Many have speculated that both Kanika and Green were murdered by the same individual, or possibly for the same reason.

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028 - The Disappearance of Sneha Ann Philip

Sneha Ann Philip was a thirty-one year old medical student in the final year of her residency. The year prior, she had married her med-school sweetheart and the two were now living in an apartment in Battery Park City. While on the surface, everything seemed to be moving along smoothly, a dark shadow of rumor and legal trouble was beginning to veil her life. Sneha was removed from her previous residency program under accusations of being late and alcohol related issues. She filed a police report alleged sexual assault by one of her co-workers, though the District Attorney would later charge Sneha with filing a false report.

In the midst of the chaos, Sneha was alleged to have been engaging in extramarital affairs and her struggle with alcohol resulted in her suspension from her new residency. On the morning of September 10th, 2001, Sneha plead not guilty after refusing to recant her statement and have all charges dropped. That afternoon she spoke to her mother for several hours, and was last seen on surveillance cameras shopping at a nearby department store. This would be the last confirmed sighting, and in the utter devastation and tragedy of the terror attacks of September 11th, Sneha appeared to have vanished into thin air.

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029 - The Disappearance of Teresa Lynn Butler

Thirty-five year old wife and mother of two, Teresa Lynn Butler spent the evening of January 24th, 2006 with her sister-in-law. She went home that night to put her two and four year old sons to bed, received a call at approximately 10pm and seemingly vanished into thin air. When her husband, Dale, arrived home the next morning, he found his wife missing and his young sons fending for themselves. Items were missing from the home, and Teresa's jeep which was still parked in the driveway was missing its stereo.

Investigators found the entire case perplexing as there were no signs of forced entry, nor any signs of a struggle. In the home, authorities would later find foreign DNA, though they have never confirmed where or in what form. A key was also found broken off in one of the homes door locks, and the light bulb on the front porch had been unscrewed. During the course of the investigation, no trace of Teresa was ever found and there were two cryptic, early morning phone calls made from her cell phone to individuals she did not know. Her wedding ring was later found beneath the couch, something her husband says she never took off. A year and a half later, a man would come forward stating that he had been offered one of the stolen items in exchange for some drugs less than twenty-four hours after Teresa disappeared.

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030 - The Disappearance of Unique Harris

In October of 2010, twenty-four year old, single mother of two, Unique Harris was having a movie marathon sleepover with her sons and young cousin. After putting the children to bed, sometime between 10pm and 9am, Unique vanished from her apartment. When the children awoke the next morning they were scared because Unique was gone.

Her family wasn't overly concerned until they discovered her glasses had been left behind, glasses which Unique couldn't go anywhere without. Days after her disappearance, Unique's mother Valencia told a reporter that in the weeks leading up to her vanishing, Unique witnessed a murder in the parking lot across from her apartment complex. This statement has fueled rampant rumors that Unique was murdered by the same person, though this has never been proven and even the murder is debated.

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031 - The Murder of Joel Lovelien

Joel Lovelien took his fiancee to a Halloween party at the Broken Drum bar and grill in Grand Forks, North Dakota on Saturday, October 27th, 2007. The party was big, and a bus pulled up pouring out 40 to 50 twenty-somethings making it even busier. Joel took a call outside, and when he returned, explained to his fiancee that he was going to check on someone he saw outside who may have been left behind.

Moments later, a woman came in screaming to call 911 and Joel's fiancee made the grisly discovery of Joel's beaten body. He was rushed to the hospital, but died as a result of his wounds. The investigation began, but it contained a sordid cast of characters like you'd find in a bad comic book. Identities were unknown, but Police were looking for men dressed as a cowboy, hunter, lion, construction worker, gangsta rapper and a clown.

When all was said and done, the Lion - a man named Travis Stay was arrested and tried for the murder, but ultimately, was found not guilty. While many believe Stay was the perpetrator, others feel that some of the other men from the party bus may have actually committed the crime in a drunken rage.

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032 - The Disappearance of Steven Koecher

Thirty year old Steven Koecher was born into a large family, to two loving parents in November of 1979. A quiet child who enjoyed laughing, sports and music, Steven was raised up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. His faith was strong, and as he grew into an adult, he became even more devout. Between his large family, his church and his community, Steven was surrounded by the love and support of a great many people who thought extremely highly of him.

In the winter of 2009, Steven went on a series of strange road trips which he never told anyone about. Then, one morning, he got into his car and drove out to a quiet neighborhood, where he parked his car and walked away from it, never to be seen again. His family was floored by his disappearance, and investigators were perplexed about the highly mysterious nature of it.

Over the years, countless searches were conducted and there was even an attempt to link Steven's disappearance to that of a woman who had vanished just a week prior. Left with little evidence outside of cell phone pings and locations near Las Vegas, the case fell cold. Nearly six years after, there was a renewed vigor and new searches began, but again, they turned up nothing new.

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033 - The Disappearance of Heather Elvis

In the summer of 2013, twenty year old Heather Elvis had an affair with Sidney Moorer, a much older married man she met through her job. When Sidney's wife, Tammy, found out, the relationship was severed and Heather became the subject of threats and insults. By December, Heather was moving on with her life and hoping to leave Sidney and Tammy in the past.

She went out on a date and was excited for her future. In the early morning hours of December 18th, Heather mysteriously vanished. Her car was found abandoned at a remote boat landing not far from the Moorer's home. Over the next few weeks, Police investigated the possibility that Sidney and Tammy may have been involved in Heather's disappearance. The two were charged with murder, as well as indecent exposure, kidnapping and obstruction of justice.

Most of the charges were dropped before going to trial, leaving the Elvis family wondering why. The Moorer's pointed the finger at Heather's father, accusing him of murdering his own daughter. The Elvis family felt the Moorer's were responsible. Others began to wonder if Heather could have run off, or if her date that night may have had dark intentions.

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034 - The Murder of Dana Bradley

Fourteen year old Dana Bradley has gone to a friends house after school on December 14th, 1981 in St. John's, Newfoundland. She couldn't stay for too long, as it was her mother's birthday that night and she needed to get home. She planned to walk to a nearby bus stop and arrive home by 5:30pm. When 5:30 came and went, and Dana hadn't returned home, her mother and stepfather became concerned and began making calls. When they could find no sign of Dana, they reported her missing.

Search efforts for Dana came up empty, though two witnesses came forward and reported seeing Dana hitchhiking the day before and ultimately getting in to a sedan, either a Dodge or a Plymouth, with extensive body damage and rust. Four days later, Dana's body was discovered in a remote, wooded location known as Maddox Cove.

For the next thirty-six years, the search for Dana's murderer would lead investigators through thousands of interviews, hundreds of suspects and nearly one thousand vehicle searches. One man would come forward and confess to committing the murder, though he would later recant and no evidence could be found to prove it. Another man would come forward and say he witnessed the murder, though his story was inconsistent and contrary to evidence.

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035 - The Disappearance of Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone

Thirty-four year old Danielle Imbo was going through a divorce and raising her eighteen month old son. Through her best friend, Christine, she reconnected with her high school crush, Christine's older brother, thirty-five year old, single father Richard Petrone. The two clicked instantly. Their relationship was going well when Danielle's ex-husband began attempting to rekindle their romance. Unsure of what to do, Danielle decided it was more important for her to be single and provide a life for her son, and so she told both men that she needed space and time to work on herself.

Five weeks later, on February 19th, 2005, Richard reached out to Danielle asking if she'd like to come out for a drink and see some bands perform. Needed a night out, Danielle agreed and the two headed down to South Street, in Philadelphia, where they met up with Richard's friends Anthony and Michelle. After a the music ended, they decided to call it an early night. Both were picking up their kids the next day and didn't want to be too tired. At 11:45pm, they walked out of the bar and were never seen again, nor was Richard's 2001 black Dodge Dakota that he drove that night.

For thirteen years their families have wondered what happened to them, and the Philadelphia and New Jersey police, as well as the FBI, have been heavily involved in attempting to solve this bizarre disappearance.

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036 - The Disappearance of Suzanne Lyall

Nineteen year old Suzanne Lyall was an accomplished poet and computer whiz attending the State University of New York at Albany. Majoring in computer science, she was cutting the path for a bright future full of joy and love. Along with her boyfriend, Richard, she was setting her goals high and looking to achieve all of her dreams.

On March 2nd, 1998, Suzanne took an important mid-term and then reported to her job for her 4pm shift. She seemed a little more relaxed this day and was focused on getting her work done. She had another mid-term the next day. She left the Crossgates Mall at 9:20pm, boarding a bus to drop her off on campus at 9:45. A witness saw Suzanne exiting the bus that night, but she was never seen again.

Over the next twenty years, investigators have struggled to solve her bizarre disappearance with little evidence and even less witnesses. Everyone in her life would become a suspect with many zeroing in on her long time boyfriend, Richard Condon. In the wake of her disappearance, her broken family found a way to fight through and developed a non profit charity designed to help the families of missing persons. They have also helped usher in several laws which change the way Universities handle violent crimes and disappearances.

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037 - The Disappearance of Danielle Stislicki

On December 2nd, 2016, twenty-eight year old Danielle Stislicki made dinner plans with her best friend. She left her office building, located in Southfield, Michigan, at 5pm, and sent a text saying that she was going to be stopping at her apartment, and would meet for dinner around 6pm. Danielle never arrived.

Within 24 hours, friends, family and police were conducting exhaustive searches for Danielle. Her Jeep was found parked just feet away from her apartment door. Her wallet and ID were found inside, but her cell phone and keys were missing. Investigators began to believe that Danielle was not the one who parked there, and foul play was suspected.

Over the next year, their investigation would lead them all across the state of Michigan while witnesses would name a suspect - a man who worked as a security guard in the building where Danielle worked and who was seen talking to her the night she vanished. A man who would later be convicted of an attempted sexual assault which took place just four months before Danielle vanished.

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038 - The Murder of Sonia Varaschin

Forty-two year old Sonia Varaschin was a pediatric nurse living in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada. A hard working woman with a zest for life and a love of adventure, she had a lovely personality and was often found dancing whenever she had the time. In August of 2010, Sonia vanished from her home and her blood stained car was found abandoned not far away. Investigators found a grisly scene inside her townhouse and a desperate search was launched to find her before it was too late.

Sadly, one week after she disappeared, Sonia's remains were recovered from a remote area on the outskirts of town. The nurse had been murdered in a violent fashion, though police have never revealed her cause of death. Her family was devastated and for nearly eight years they have fought to find justice for Sonia. Police believe Sonia fell victim to someone she knew and are in possession of the culprit's DNA. Some believe that Sonia did not know her killer, and was victimized at random, possibly by a serial killer.

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039 - The Mysterious Death of Elisa Lam

Twenty-one year old Elisa Lam decided to take a break from college. She wanted to take a trip, out of Canada and down into the United States to see California. Her trip involved stops in San Diego, Los Angeles and Santa Cruz. Embarking on her trip in January of 2013, Elisa visited San Diego and then went to Los Angeles where she had booked a three day stay in the notorious Cecil Hotel, at that time known as the Stay on Main Street. She shared a room with two roommates, but was moved after reports of 'odd behavior.' Having maintained contact with her family every day, they grew worried when on January 31st, she failed to call and they couldn't reach her.

Elisa was reported missing, and a fervent search began. When no trace of Elisa could be found, police released surveillance footage from an elevator at the Cecil showing Elisa behaving erratically. The video sparked a wide array of theories, and a heated debate about whether Elisa was hiding from someone, or perhaps, on drugs. Nearly three weeks after she vanished, Elisa's body was discovered inside one of the water tanks on top of the hotel. Guests had complained of foul tasting, discolored water.

How Elisa ended up in the water tank and whether or not foul play was involved has sparked controversy ever since. What led to Elisa's death? Theories abound including government cover ups, an urban legend about an elevator game and rumors of a cursed hotel possessing her.

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040 - The Mysterious Death of Kurt Sova [Revisited]

On October 23rd, 1981, seventeen year old Kurt Sova had plans to go to a local carnival. Plans changed when he ran into a close friend who invited him to a party at a duplex nearby. The party was filled with locals and people who had driven in from Detroit, and Kurt began drinking heavily. When he began feeling ill, his friend took him outside for some fresh air. The night had gotten cold, and Kurt's friend went into the duplex to retrieve their jackets. When he returned moments later, Kurt was nowhere to be found.

For the next five days, friends and family, along with authorities, searched for Kurt, but could find no signs of him. During the search, several bizarre incidents took place. A homeless man told a store manager that Kurt would be found dead and that no one would know what had happened to him. A friend of Kurt's claims to have seen him walking along the side of a road, not far from his own home. The owner of the duplex alleged there had been no party, and that she'd never even heard of Kurt. Sadly, five days after vanishing, Kurt's body was discovered posed in a crucifixion like position in a ravine nearby. Strangely, Kurt's father claims to have searched that very area just the day before, but did not see his son there.

A medical examiner could find no cause of death, and thus it was ruled a "probable accident." The Sova family felt their son had been the victim of foul play and that investigators had shirked their duty, and accused them of having no interest in figuring out what happened. The Newburgh Heights Police Department dismissed the family, believing they were simply grieving and in denial. When a thirteen year old boy named Eugene Kvet turned up dead just months later with circumstances strangely similar to Kurt's, only the Sova family was asking questions.

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041 - The Vanishing of Lily Aramburo

Twenty-three year old Lily Aramburo was on top of the world. She'd overcome her addictions, transformed her life and given birth to a son who she loved beyond compare. She'd recently moved in with an old friend, Christen, after each shared their true feelings and they were building a life together, but in early 2007, it would all begin to fall apart. Christen was still using, and before long, Lily fell back into the powerful grip of addiction.

After several disputes, Child Services removed her son from her custody, and Lily was sent to rehab. She later failed a drug test and was ejected from the rehab center, losing her chance to win custody back. On June 1st, 2007, Lily and Christen had two friends over to their condo. At 2am, on June 2nd, Lily is alleged to have walked out of the condo wearing only a night gown and carrying bungee cords with her. She left behind her cell phone, wallet and personal items.

Christen didn't report her missing for days, and when he did, he claimed that she may be suicidal. Investigators with the Miami-Dade police waiting a week to investigate, and when they did, they quickly dismissed Lily as a drug addict who had run off. It wouldn't be until years later that they would officially question Christen, giving him a polygraph test. They reported the results, saying that Christen passed. Years later, it would be found that he had actually failed. This was only one of many mistakes discovered years after Lily vanished, and while the investigation was remarkably flawed, there was an utter media blackout leaving Lily's story untold and widely, unknown.

The diligence and determination of Lily's mother, Lucely and Lily's best friend, Janet Forte, was all that kept her name alive. Later, when detective Ray Hoadley took on the case, a true investigation was finally conducted and a myriad of mistakes, lies and unanswered questions were uncovered. Suspicions began to turn towards those closest to Lily and the inconsistencies were challenged.

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042 - The Disappearance of Tiffany Daniels

Twenty-Five year old Tiffany Daniels was a talented artist living in Pensacola, Florida in August of 2013. Saddened by her boyfriend moving out of state, and overwhelmed with financial difficulties, Tiffany was struggling to find her way. Her worries seemed as though they might be ending as a friend's father rented a room from her home, making her more financially secure and while her boyfriends exist was difficult, she was excited to visit him in Austin and to see the culture which thrives there.

On August 12th, 2013, Tiffany told her supervisor that she needed to leave early and may need the rest of the week off. Tiffany exited work at 4:43pm and was never seen again. Over a week later, her vehicle was found abandoned in a parking lot on Santa Rosa island, not far from her home. In the five years since she vanished, there have been many theories and alleged sightings, though nothing can be confirmed.

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043 - The Bizarre Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa

Bryce Laspisa was the average American college student. He was bright, charming and liked to have fun at every possible time. During the Summer of 2013, he stayed at home with his parents, eagerly anticipating his return to Sierra College, in Rocklin, California. Within two weeks of his return, in August of 2013, Bryce's friends and girlfriend were growing concerned about his drinking and odd behavior.

Over the course of a three day period Bryce would give away valuable items, break up with his girlfriend and embark on a mysterious drive into desolate area of California. On the night of August 29th, after sitting in Buttonwillow for nearly thirteen hours, he began his drive home to Laguna Niguel where his worried parents waited. Just after 2am, Bryce called home to say he was going to stop and rest. Just three hours later, his SUV would be found flipped on its side and Bryce was nowhere to be found.

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044 - The Abduction and Murder of Kristi Cornwell

August 11th, 2009 was a hot and humid day in the North Georgia town of Blairsville. Thirty-eight year old Kristi Cornwell was visiting with her parents that summer as she had recently embarked on major changes in her life. She’d left her career as a probation officer, and was pursuing a new journey into the medical field.

Due to a lower back injury sustained during a fall, Kristi had taken to late evening walks. They eased her pain and, in the evening, the hot and sticky weather wasn’t nearly as intense. Her mother didn’t like her walking so late, but Kristi assured her she could take care of herself, and besides, they were in Blairsville, a picturesque southern town with less than a thousand residents.

That night, with her phone in her pocket and an earbud in, she spoke to her new boyfriend, Douglas, as she walked the streets of her home town. Then, suddenly and without warning, Douglas heard a commotion and distinctly heard Kristi cry out “Don’t take me.”

In the days, weeks and years that followed, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation would cover hundreds of acres of land in a desperate search. They will uncover connections to other instances of abduction, and other attempts in the area. These clues will lead them on a multi state search for a light colored SUV and a suspect described by previous would be victims. For authorities, it’s a race against the clock that will ultimately end in tragedy and the monster who many believe committed this crime, will cowardly spare himself the requirement to face justice and to answer for his acts when he takes his own life during a three hour standoff with Atlanta Police.

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045 - The Disappearance of Zachary Bernhardt

For the One Year Anniversary Episode of Trace Evidence: On September 10th, 2000, Leah Hackett put her eight year old son, Zachary Bernhardt, to sleep in her bed at 11pm. Over the course of the next five hours, she watched television, chatted online and went for a walk and swim. After taking a shower, she discovered that Zachary was no longer in her bed, and he was missing. A frantic 911 call led to the Clearwater Police Department responding with multiple units and within hours a massive grid search was being executed, but Zachary was nowhere to be found.

Over the years, Leah has become the subject of a great deal of speculation. A local pedophile would take credit for the crime, and then later deny it, and a yet unidentified man would abduct another child from the same apartment complex. A year after Zachary's disappearance, a photo was discovered near Boulder, Coloardo, some 1800 miles away, depicting a young, blond haired boy bound at his wrists and ankles with duct tape.

The similarity to Zachary was difficult to dismiss, though ultimately this photo cannot be verified. What happened to Zachary Bernhardt?

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046 & 047 -The Abduction of Jodi Huisentruit Parts 1 & 2

Twenty-seven year old Jodi Huisentruit was living out her dream, being a television news anchor for KIMT in Mason City, Iowa. She'd always wanted to be on television, and her interest in broadcast journalism had brought her to her first role as the main anchor of a news network. Everything seemed to be coming together.

On June 27th, 1995, Jodi was meant to arrive at the studio at 3am. When 4am came, and she hadn't showed up, her assistant called her apartment and awoke a sleeping Jodi. She apologized for her tardiness and said she'd be to the studio in twenty minutes. She never arrived. Shortly after 7am, an officer arrived at her apartment for a welfare check. Jodi didn't answer the door, and when he approached her car, he found a disturbing scene. Items scattered all around the vehicle, drag marks nearby. It was immediately clear that he was staring at a crime scene.

Over the course of the next twenty-three years, the case has spiraled through moments of brilliant attention, and complete disregard. Throughout this time, many names have been whispered as possible suspects including two convicted sex offenders, a close personal friend of Jodi's and even officers working in Iowa law enforcement.

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048 - The Mysterious Death of Chuck Morgan

Chuck Morgan worked as an escrow agent in Tucson, Arizona in 1977. Far from an exciting life, Chuck enjoyed the quiet calm and exactness of his work, and in his free time, delighted in joy and excitement of raising four daughters with his wife, Ruth.

Suddenly, Chuck's life would be thrust into danger and mystery when he vanished on March 22nd. Chuck resurfaced three days later and told his wife a bizarre tale about being abducted, torture and having his throat coated with a potent hallucinogen. From that day forward, Chuck was extremely safety conscious and even went so far as to wear a bullet proof vest and he began carrying a .357 magnum handgun.

Several months later, in June, when things seemed to be back to normal, Chuck vanished once again. Nine days later, a mysterious woman called his wife and gave her a cryptic statement about a Bible passage in Ecclesiastes. Two days after that, Chuck's body was discovered in a remote area forty miles outside of Tucson.

Police ruled his death a suicide, despite several glaring discrepancies with that theory. Over the next forty years, investigations into Chuck's death would find connections to organized crime, hitmen, government covert operations and allegations of fraud and drug smuggling.

What happened to Chuck Morgan and how did this straight laced businessman end up in a world of intrigue and undercover operations that ultimately lead to his death?

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049 - The Disappearance of Kayla Berg

Fifteen year old Kayla Berg was excited to move back to her hometown of Antigo, Wisconsin after spending the previous two months in Texas with her mother, Hope. While Texas hadn't worked out for the pair, Kayla was looking forward to seeing her father and brother, as well as all the friends she had left behind.

Kayla returned on August 2nd, 2009, and immediately took advantage of the dwindling weeks of summer before she'd be returning to High School as a Junior. Living with her grandparents, while her mother attempted to find more permanent housing, wasn't ideal, but Kayla was just happy to be home.

Just a little over a week after coming back, on August 11th, Kayla makes arrangements to hang out with twenty-four year old Kevin Kielcheski, a friend of her brother's who she has known since she was young. Kevin picks her up around 9pm, and is home by midnight, but Kayla never makes it back. The next day, when Kayla is noted as missing, Kevin states that he dropped her off at a friends house. The problem with his story is that the house in question had been condemned a month earlier, and belonged to Kayla's ex-boyfriend, Miguel. Kevin claims Kayla directed him to the location, while her friends protest that she knew no one lived there anymore.

Over the course of the next eight years, Kevin and Miguel would become the prime people of interest. The stories about Kayla's activities would stir up rumors and speculation while investigators had the difficult task of attempting to determine what happened to a fifteen year old girl, with a fear of the dark, who is alleged to have been dropped off at an abandoned house in the middle of the night.

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050 - The Vanishing of Brandi Wells

Twenty-three year old Brandi Wells was beginning to put her life back on track. After a failed marriage and traveling throughout Texas, she moved to Brownsboro, just twenty minutes away from her hometown of Tyler. She re-enrolled in college, to pursue a degree in education, and had just gotten a new job. Things were looking up.

On August 2nd, 2006, Brandi decided to go out for one last night of fun before she had to focus on her studies and job. This night, she would decide to go to Longview, TX, to a club known as Graham Central Station. Only a few people knew her destination, and no one knew why.

Brandi was seen entering and exiting the club, but after that, she vanished. Her car was found the next day, abandoned along Interstate 20. Sadly, the connection between the car, and her disappearance wouldn't be made for days. By the time investigators knew what they were dealing with, they were a week behind.

The investigation was flawed, involving mis-identifications, tracking the wrong cell phone and questions about the crime scene which have never been answered. Twelve years later, her family still wonders what became of their daughter, sister and niece.

What happened to Brandi Wells? Was she tricked by someone she knew and trusted? Could a total stranger, posing as a good Samaritan have taken advantage of her kind nature or was Brandi dragged into the dark world of human trafficking?

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051 - The Disappearance of Logan Schiendelman

Logan Schiendelman had just finished his first year of college as Washington State University. He had spent a little too much time having fun, and not as much attending classes, and so he wasn’t able to return and instead planned to get a job, put some money in his pocket and see where the world would take him. He was on a journey of self discovery, hoping to find his place in life, and within his own community.

On May 19th, 2016, he told his grandmother that he’d had an epiphany but before they could discuss it further, she had to go to work. They made plans to talk that evening, but when she returned home, Logan was gone and as the days passed, she filed a missing person’s report, which would lead to bizarre eye witness accounts and the discovery of Logan’s car abandoned along Instate Five, just five miles from his home. According to witness accounts, the car had drifted across multiple lanes before crashing into the center divider. One witness reported seeing a man leap from the passenger side, fleeing into the woods. Another told the story of Logan in the company of two men, standing at the rear of the vehicle.

When examined, in the car were Logan’s wallet, ID, money and his cell phone. There didn’t appear to be any signs of a struggle, but for his family and investigators, the items left behind seemed to suggest that Logan’s disappearance might be the result of foul play. In the two years since, multiple searches have been launched, media coverage has shared his story nationwide and the strange stories about two figures seen in his presence in the hours before he vanished depict a confusing situation no one has yet been able to figure out.

What happened to Logan Schiendelman and why, two years later, has so little been discovered in connection with this utterly baffling disappearance?

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052 - The Murder of Irina Yarmolenko

On May 5th, 2008, just days after her twentieth birthday, Ira began her day by taking a final exam.  She had another scheduled for 5pm, and so she ran some errands.  Surveillance footage tracks much of her travels that day, but when she drove down to the banks of the Catawba river, no one was aware.  Two jet skiiers discovered Ira's lifeless body on the bank of the river, beside her car.  She had died as the result of asphyxia secondary to ligature strangulation.  There were three ligatures around her neck.

Investigators were baffled, and for many months, they failed to determine a motive or drum up a suspect.  On the day of the crime, they spoke with Mark Carver, who had been fishing a hundred yards away from the crime scene.  Suspicious of his report that he hadn't heard anything, investigators focused in and seven months later, both Carver and his cousin, Neal Cassada, were charged with conspiracy and murder.  The evidence?  Touch DNA found in three places on the victims car contained mixtures which included their DNA.

It took authorities nearly two years to proceed on to trial, during which time they tested eight other individuals against the DNA.  None were a match.  Neal Cassada passed away due to a heart attack the day before his trial was to begin, and so the prosecution focused solely on Mark Carver.  Ultimately, Carver would be found guilty of first degree murder, and sentenced to life.  While the Yarmolenko family felt vindicated, and as though justice had been served, many have questioned this verdict.

In the years since, evidence has been revealed which shows inaccurate testimony was given at trial, the DNA evidence is not up to the current standard necessary for litigation and Carver's public defender mounted no defense.  The North Carolina Center on Actual Innocence has taken up Carver's case, and currently, a new trial or the outright dismissal of charges is being fought for in court.  This raises many questions:  Did Mark Carver murder Ira Yarmolenko, was someone else responsible for this heinous crime or is it possible that this may have been the result of suicide?

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053 - Colorado Triple Murder

On February 7th, 1999, in Westminster, Colorado, thirty-nine year old Paul Skiba brought his nine year old daughter, Sarah, to work at his moving company while covering a shift for an employee.  They were met by Lorenzo Chivers, one of Paul's employees, to go out on a job.  The three drove off in a moving truck and were never seen again.

Police initially believed the disappearance was related to a custody battle between Paul and his ex-wife, Michelle.  Despite friends and family urging them to investigate, authorities delayed for days.  Finally, when Paul's mother, and two friends found bullet holes, blood and hair at the company parking lot, Police launched an investigation.

No suspects were named, though many have made links between the triple murder and Paul's then girlfriend, Teresa Donovan.  Paul was looking to split up and wanted Teresa out of his home by the very day he disappeared.  Teresa's sister was living with Lorenzo and her brother, Tom, had a vendetta against Paul.

Blood found at the scene belonged to Paul and Sarah, as well as hair and fragments of flesh.  Police indicated that the quantity of blood signified fatal wounds.  No trace of Lorenzo was ever found.  Over the next nineteen years, many theories would rise to the surface including possible links to drug trafficking, insurance money or the Donovan family seeking revenge.

What happened to Paul, Sarah and Lorenzo and why has it remained unsolved for nearly twenty years?

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054 - The Mysterious Death of Dorothy Kilgallen

Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the most well known and prominent reporters in American history.  Her tenacious personality and intense columns examines major stories of her time, including the murder trial of Dr. Sam Sheppard and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  While her readers loved her dynamic style, powerful figures in Hollywood and Intelligence Agencies were not fans of her work.

After the assassination of President, and her close friend, John Kennedy in November of 1963, Dorothy dedicated her work to uncovering what she believed to have been a massive conspiracy and cover-up.  She had a contact in the Warren Commission who leaked information to her, which she in turn published.  The FBI began keeping a file on her, and tapping her phone after Dorothy refused to reveal her sources. 

Dorothy became the only journalist to get a private, one on one interview with Jack Ruby, the man who shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald.  In the days and weeks leading up to her death, Dorothy told friends she was going to break the case open and she had plans to travel to New Orleans to meet with an informant.  Sadly, Dorothy would be found dead in her home just days before this trip, and what information she had gathered would never be revealed as her research files were never found.

The official ruling in Dorothy's death was that she died from an accidental overdose, a lethal combination of alcohol and sleeping pills.  While this was the official story, many believe that Dorothy was murdered to halt her investigation.

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055 - The Disappearance of Tionda & Diamond Bradley

On July 6th, 2001, ten year old Tionda Bradley was looking after her three year old sister, Diamond while their mother, Tracey went to work.  The children were reportedly last seen by their mother at 6:30am, and when she returned home at 12:30 they were nowhere to be found.  All that was discovered was a note, allegedly written by Tionda, saying that the girls were going to walk to the store and then a nearby school.

Tracey searched for the girls, and didn't call the police until 6:30 that evening, at which point they had been missing for at least six hours.  Investigators launched one of the largest searches in Chicago history, but the wider their radius grew, the more they felt the answers may reside closer to home.  There were suspicions early on of Tracey and the man she was seeing, George Washington, Diamond's father.  The note didn't make sense, and a voice mail discovered later, left by Tionda the day they vanished, stated that a man named George was at the door.

The family was divided about what they believed happened, and to this day, some seventeen years later, the answers have never been found.  Tracey stopped cooperating with authorities, and George Washington elected to never participate in the search.  What happened to Tionda and Diamond?  Who wrote the note?  Why was the voice mail deleted and how much does their mother know about the story, if anything, that she hasn't shared?

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056 - The Disappearance of Jamie Fraley

Twenty-two year old Jamie Fraley was working hard to put her life on track.  After a life wrought with health issues as the result of complications are birth, she had gotten a slow start.  Unable to complete high school, or obtain a driver's license, she struggled to strike out on her own and put a future together.

In 2006, everything changed when she moved out on her own, met the man of her dreams and entered a GED program.  She had recently tried to help a friend overcome a drug addiction, and this awoke in her a desire to help others.  She wanted to attend college and pursue a career in drug counseling.  

Her life took a heavy blow when her fiancee was sentenced to fifteen months in prison for larceny, but Jamie remained devoted and determined to marry him when he was released.  In the meantime, she developed a close bond with her soon to be father-in-law who lived in an apartment just two doors down from her.  Unfortunately, as time moved on, her future in-law became obsessive about her and began making inappropriate comments and advances.

Jamie thought she had the situation under control, but friends were growing concerned.  In April of 2008, just a few weeks before her fiancee was to be released from prison, Jamie came down with a nasty flu.  On April 8th, she visited the hospital two times in search of assistance.  Then, at midnight, she arranged for someone to give her a ride back to the emergency room.  She was never seen again.

Accusations flew, and her future father-in-law became the prime suspect but a chaotic series of events would unfold involving the discovery of items in the woods, a body in the trunk of a car and the sudden dead end of the investigation.  What happened to Jamie Fraley and who was responsible for this mysterious disappearance?

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057 & 058 - The Disappearance of Jeramy Burt

Thirty-three year old Jeramy Burt was putting his life back together.  After an affair with his lawyer, his wife, Kim, filed for divorce and the two went their separate ways, though they were forever bonded through their young daughter.  Jeramy regretted his mistakes and worked hard to make amends and regain Kim's trust.  After his lawyer tried to coerce him into lying under oath in an attempt to frame her assistant, Jeramy recorded their conversations and testified against her in front of the grand jury.

While his ex-lawyer, and former girlfriend, served a year in prison, Jeramy and Kim reconnected and began to repair the damage to their relationship.  In February of 2007, they were living together and talking about future possibilities.  Unfortunately, his old girlfriend had gotten out of prison and was pressuring Jeramy to come back to her.  While Kim was in Las Vegas, for a work seminar, Jeramy spent the weekend with family back in his hometown of American Falls, Idaho.  Upon returning, on Sunday evening, Jeramy spoke with Kim and then told his father he was going to meet a friend.  He never came back.

A series of bizarre texts were sent to Kim's cell phone, from Jeramy's phone.  They alleged that he was moving on with his life, leaving town and planning to start a new life under a new identity.  It made no sense, and Jeramy might leave Kim, but he would never leave his family, or his beloved daughter.  Unfortunately, since the texts were from Jeramy's phone, and he was an adult, there was little police could do.  However, when Kim reported that he'd left in her car, they did file reports about her missing vehicle.

After several strange events, Kim's car was discovered three months later.  It had been abandoned in the desolate Bruneau desert, one hundred miles south of Boise and it had been set ablaze.  Little evidence could be recovered from the scene, but this disturbing find finally caused the Boise Police Department to launch an official investigation.

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059 - The Vanishing of April Pitzer

In her early twenties, April Pitzer found herself on the wrong side of the law.  In order to wipe the slate clean, she agreed to become a confidential informant.  She had no idea the dangerous world she was entering, and ultimately had to flee Arkansas when her identity was compromised.  Years later, she was brought back to testify in a trial which sent over twenty members of a major drug ring to federal prison.

April was never the same after that, scared and paranoid she began to fall into alcoholism and was diagnosed with bi-polar.  After losing her marriage and having her children taken away, April decided to go to California in search of perspective and to put her life back together.  Unfortunately, she would never make it back.

In a terrifying twist of fate, a chance encounter with a woman from Arkansas revealed April's history as a drug informant and many of the people she found herself surrounded by had been involved in the very drug ring that she had testified against.  Frightened and desperate, April wanted to come back home.  Before she could, she would mysteriously vanish and rumors spread rapidly that she had been murdered and dumped in one of the 20,000 mines in the area.  What became of April Pitzer and who took her life?

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Update: 020 - The Abduction & Murder of Isabel Celis

Six year old Isabel Celis disappeared from her family's home in April of 2012.  Despite extensive searches, nothing could be found.  Rumor quickly built up suggesting that a member of her own family had been involved in the crime.  In March of 2017, Isabel's remains were recovered in rural Pima County.  Now, a year later, an arrest has finally been made which not only connects to Isabel and another young woman who was murdered, but which also exonerates her family.

This short update episode briefly summarizes the case and then discusses breaking news of the arrest of thirty-six year old Christopher Clements in connection with the abduction and murder of Isabel Celis, as well as the 2014 murder of thirteen year old Maribel Gonzalez.

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060 - The Murder of Karina Holmer

Twenty year old Karina Holmer wanted to see more of the world beyond her Swedish home town.  In the Spring of 1996, she decided to go to America, working as an Au Pair for a well to do family in the Boston suburb of Dover.  At first, everything was going great, but soon problems began to rear their head.

In letters home, the young woman went from positive and excited to negative and eventually, frightened.  Karina promised to explain it all when she got home, but unfortunately, she would not return home alive or in one piece.

In a case which has become the Boston Black Dahlia case, the young nanny was found murdered in a dumpster not far from the club she was last seen dancing at.  Her dismembered remains were discovered by a homeless man, kicking off a massive investigation in which everyone was a suspect. Despite all of the media attention at the time, this terrible incident has been mostly forgotten over time, and Karina herself has become a name most no longer recall.

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