We’re all heard promos run on our favorite podcasts. Whether it’s the host telling you about an awesome new show,
or an audio clip of the actual show’s host(s) tell you why you should check them out.

Each year, I write and record a new promo for Trace Evidence, but this year, I wanted to do something a little different
and give listeners a chance to participate / help the show without having to go too far out of their way.

So, this is the Trace Evidence 2019 Promo Contest!

Think about why you listen to Trace Evidence. What do you like about the show, what makes it stand out from others,
what is your favorite episode or topic? Think about what you’d like to say and then record it. I know not everyone has
the ability to record at home, and so I’ve provided two options to make this accessible to everyone!

Option 1: Send an audio file to: with the subject "Promo."

Option 2: Call the Trace Evidence phone number at 770-744-5104 and leave a voice mail.

That’s it! I will then go through the audio, select clips from specific files or voice mails and insert them into my new promo.
If I select a clip that you submitted, I will send you some Trace Evidence swag like stickers, pins, etc, so make sure in your email
or voice mail that you include a way for me to contact you, be it email or via social media.

If your clip is NOT selected, you will still be entered into a drawing to win some cool Trace Evidence merch, so really, you’ve
got nothing to lose, so give it a shot!

A few tips about what you may wish to include in your clip:

Talk about what it is about the show that makes you want to listen every week.

Do you have a favorite episode or detail about the show that makes it stand out to you?

Imagine you are telling your best friend about Trace Evidence, what would you say to get them to give the show a listen?

Get creative, have fun and be uniquely you!

By submitting audio to this contest you grant "Trace Evidence," and Steven Pacheco

the right to use your clip in a promotional audio clip which may be distributed to other podcasts and websites.